Letters & Endorsements

Our thanks to those who submitted letters and endorsements for candidates in the 2023 municipal election.

Senator Chris Murphy for Samantha Nestor

On video, an endorsement from Senator Murphy.   (View).

Governor Ned Lamont for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

On video, an endorsement from Governor Lamont.   (View).

Richard Wiese for Samantha Nestor

On video, support for Ms. Nestor from Richard Wiese.   (View).

Denise Harvey for David Muller

Please join me in re-electing David Muller to the Police Commission on November 7. David has been a Weston resident for 25 years. Prior to the start of his tenure in 2019 as an elected official …   (Continue reading).

Andrea Chase for Row A

Your vote is needed to ensure that the hard-won leadership of our boards and commissions stays in Democratic hands. Party affiliation may not have mattered much in local politics at one time …   (Continue reading).

Amy Shapiro for Row A

My family has been in Weston for more than 50 years and I’ve seen it move from an always beautiful sleepy town to the dynamic interesting place it is today. While I’ve only been a full-time resident …   (Continue reading).

Kerry Ann Sheffield for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

I am writing to express my support for re-electing Weston’s First Selectwoman, Sam Nestor, a candidate of exceptional caliber. My name is Dr. Kerry Ann Sheffield. I am a Weston mother …   (Continue reading).

Terry and Mike Castellano for Beth Gralnick

Responsive; knowledgeable; professional: these are three words that describe Weston Police Commission Chair Beth Gralnick, who is running for reelection this November 7. These characteristics …   (Continue reading).

Cheri McKenzie for David Muller

I write in strong support of re-electing David Muller to the Police Commission. Many of you may know David from his many years of service to Weston including Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance …   (Continue reading).

Stephanie Shemin Feingold for Sharon Ferraro

As a parent of three children in our public schools, an involved member of the PTO, and a caring citizen of Weston, I believe that selecting the right individuals for our Board of Education is …   (Continue reading).

Kerry Ann Sheffield for Sharon Ferraro

Attention WPS parents and Weston homeowners: The jewel of our community — our top ranking public school district — needs your vote! Did you know that this election cycle …   (Continue reading).

Jennifer Bernheim for Samantha Nestor

With Election Day upon us, I wanted to share my endorsement for reelection of Weston’s First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor. Over the past two years, I’ve been impressed with the First Selectwoman’s …   (Continue reading).

Gayle Weinstein for the Democratic Ticket

I’m voting for Samantha Nestor, Tony Pesco and the rest of the Democratic ticket not solely because of their political affiliation, but because they are the team we need to keep Weston moving forward …   (Continue reading).

Senator Richard Blumenthal for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor and Tony Pesco have proven leadership skills, bringing marketing and financial experience to the governing of Weston. Under Sam’s leadership …   (Continue reading).

Ali Dembishack for Sharon Ferraro

I am writing in support of re-electing Sharon Ferraro to the Weston Board of Education. In the months and years following this election there is much at stake for our town …   (Continue reading).

Lynn Jeffery for Samantha Nestor

With various articles published recently about the Board of Selectmen, I am writing as an independent business professional and community volunteer, to share my experience with Weston town management …   (Continue reading).

Amy Shapiro for Beth Gralnick

I am writing to resoundingly endorse the candidacy of Beth Gralnick for the Police Commission. I’ve known Beth for more decades than both of us would like to admit …   (Continue reading).

Will Haskell for Samantha Nestor

Last spring, I received a call from the Connecticut Department of Public Health with some alarming news: forever chemicals, or PFAS, had been detected in Weston’s Public Schools. Within 2 minutes …   (Continue reading).

Daniel & Ellen Crown for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

We are writing to express our strong support for Sam Nestor and to urge you all to reelect her to the position of First Selectwoman. Throughout her tenure …   (Continue reading).

Claudia Hahn for Samantha Nestor

As the Town Green Project wraps up I want to thank Samantha Nestor for helping lead the many Town organizations and hired contractors over the last four years …   (Continue reading).

Ken Edgar for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

I write in support of Sam Nestor, and urge my fellow citizens to reelect her to the position of First Selectwoman. As someone who has served on Town Boards …   (Continue reading).

Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

On video, an endorsement from the Lt. Governor.   (View).

Congressman Jim Himes for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

On video, an endorsement from Congressman Himes.   (View).

State Senator Ceci Maher for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

Working with Samantha Nestor to move projects forward in Weston is not at all like work. Sam’s positive, can do attitude creates a creative environment …   (Continue reading).

State Representative Anne Hughes for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

Sam is rock-star responsive, invaluable advocate for Weston who has been a consistent leader in securing state and federal resources …   (Continue reading).

Ellen L.F. Strauss for Stephan Grozinger

I may be a registered Democrat, but I am a wholly independent thinker and have always voted for the individual, not the party. At the local level, …   (Continue reading).

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