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Ali Dembishack for Sharon Ferraro

I am writing in support of re-electing Sharon Ferraro to the Weston Board of Education. In the months and years following this election there is much at stake for our town and particularly our schools.

We will need a dedicated volunteer with experience both as a board member and a parent to help ensure that school infrastructure is remediated and optimized, our students receive a top-notch education and receive a solid foundation to become good global citizens.

To do this, we need strong and passionate volunteers like Sharon. When she is reelected, she will be just one of two females on the Weston Board of Education. She is a mother of a family of six children with experience between multiple public and private schools, who undoubtably brings a unique perspective.

Sharon has made it known that we need to maintain high quality school facilities to match the education that our children are receiving inside. She is collaborative, hardworking, and most importantly well equip to take on the challenges that will face the Board of Education in the future. I urge you to vote for Sharon Ferraro on Nov. 7!

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