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Will Haskell for Samantha Nestor

Last spring, I received a call from the Connecticut Department of Public Health with some alarming news: forever chemicals, or PFAS, had been detected in Weston’s Public Schools.

Within 2 minutes, my phone was buzzing with a call from Sam Nestor. In no time, she organized a public information session to provide accurate and clear information to Weston’s students, families, and teachers. Sam made sure bottled water was available for drinking and cooking at school and town facilities. She also got to work with experts on developing a solution and installed a prototype within the month.

Sam worked with Weston’s delegation in Hartford to ensure that the plan was reviewed promptly and approved by state officials. Ever mindful of costs to taxpayers, she minimized the impact of the project by seeking $1 million from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.

When working with Sam on this project and so many others, I often was left with the same feeling: Weston is lucky that she is in charge. Indeed, most Weston residents seem to realize how fortunate they are to have a leader in Town Hall dedicated full-time to bettering their community.

When I went door knocking with Sam recently, nearly every resident we met mentioned that they appreciated her regular email updates. Families who had moved to town during the pandemic thanked her for fostering such a welcoming environment.

I no longer have the privilege of representing Weston in the State Senate, but I hope you’ll consider supporting my friend Sam Nestor on Election Day. Sam knows how to get things done — from supporting a new education center at Lachat to bringing more sidewalks into town. Leaders in Hartford and Washington trust her to deliver necessary progress, which is why she’s succeeded in bringing back roughly $35 million in critical assistance to Weston.

I look forward to seeing all that Sam will accomplish in her next term.

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