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Kerry Ann Sheffield for Samantha Nestor & Tony Pesco

I am writing to express my support for re-electing Weston’s First Selectwoman, Sam Nestor, a candidate of exceptional caliber.

My name is Dr. Kerry Ann Sheffield. I am a Weston mother of three current Weston Public School students, and passionate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) advocate with a school and clinical psychologist background. We are proud of my husband’s Dominican and Ecuadorian heritage, our family’s roots and accomplishments, and being part of our lovely community.

My late grandfather, a beloved former mayor, instilled in us the importance of public service and we are firm supporters of those who lead to help others and contributing volunteers. We highly commend our First Selectwoman Sam Nestor and feel blessed to have such exceptional leadership.

I have had the honor of serving on Weston’s non-partisan Ukraine Sister City steering committee. Sam initiated this work in conjunction with neighboring towns. Under her leadership, we have participated in LaChat’s International Festival at our newly inaugurated community center; have successfully fundraised to deliver bread, water, and medical supplies; and, reunite separated children for social and emotional healing.

Also near and dear to my heart as a gun sense advocate and gun violence survivor (this October would have been my late cousin’s 50th birthday) is Sam’s dedication to raising awareness and commemorating Gun Violence Awareness Day. Her uplifting our LGBTQ+ families through her Pride Flag Raising Day, and, fostering community bonds through special events. A prime example is my daughter’s favorite Holiday Lighting event. We’re excited to celebrate this year on our freshly built, beautiful Town Green, a project Sam has labored on the past few years.

I am in awe of Sam’s partnerships with neighboring leaders, and state and federal level representatives, who make a point to attend Weston events and bolster Sam in improving Weston.

I am in awe of Sam’s resourcefulness in securing $35M in grants for critical community needs, such as remediating our schools’ water to ensure it is clean and potable, and making our children’s safety a top priority by building sidewalks.

I have watched Sam work tirelessly on her Town Hall Happenings (THH) initiative, exemplifying her dedication to transparency and public engagement. Her grace in reaching across the aisle to listen and help all constituents, regardless of party. And, Sam’s wit, eloquence, and warm, inclusive heart that we owe to creating a DEI committee and setting an example for our children and those considering Weston as their new home!

As busy parents, we are grateful that we can tackle our day-to-day life, confident that with Sam as Weston’s CEO and Chair of Board of Selectmen, business is getting done with utmost responsibility, efficiency and fiscal prudence. Sam understands that our home values depend on smart governing and moving Weston Forward. She understands that running Weston is a full-time commitment and possesses strength, fortitude and devotion to ensuring Weston is at its best!

This November 7th, vote for a record of proven results and excellence. Join us in voting for Sam Nestor and her respected running mate and former BoE Chair, Tony Pesco!

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