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Gayle Weinstein for the Democratic Ticket

I’m voting for Samantha Nestor, Tony Pesco and the rest of the Democratic ticket not solely because of their political affiliation, but because they are the team we need to keep Weston moving forward.

Thanks to their leadership and collaborative style, many projects were completed, such as the sidewalks in the center of town and the new town green that honors our veterans. All this while keeping budgets in check and focusing on District-wide improvements with an eye towards the future.

Our Democrats will continue to be a force for positive change in Weston by creating a community of acceptance for all and supporting safety measures that protect all residents. They listen and support what the community wants, and I can’t wait to see other projects completed, such as the dog park.

Most of all, I know the Democrats will prevent some of the negative things we see happening in surrounding towns. They will make sure that books aren’t banned, and diversity and inclusion is welcome in our schools and in our town.


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