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Amy Shapiro for Row A

My family has been in Weston for more than 50 years and I’ve seen it move from an always beautiful sleepy town to the dynamic interesting place it is today. While I’ve only been a full-time resident for the last 20 years, I’ve loved this place since the age of 19.

I have never been happier to live in Weston than I have been the last two years with Samantha Nestor as First Selectwoman. I’ve seen the marvelous changes from Town Hall Happenings to the sidewalks, to the clean drinking water in the schools, to our beautiful new Town Green.

This is all due to Sam and the volunteers in town who are serving on our Boards and Commissions. I have reveled in the dynamic of new young families in town, old time residents like me who are happily continuing to contribute and a new “Can Do” spirit.

For those who know, I am a previous DTC Chair but I am now writing as a Weston voter who is awestruck by the talent in the Democratic slate this year.

In all of the years that I have been working to elect candidates in Weston, I have to say that this year’s slate has me thrilled with the experience and commitment of the candidates that are presented on Row A. We have a diverse array of candidates giving voice to new residents and old time residents (notice how I didn’t say “old”), a slate with different experiences and talents but all with a deep appreciation of the specialness of Weston, its beauty, its world-class schools and its unique use of volunteers who love Weston to the fullest.

I believe that I live in the best town, in the best state in this country and I urge everyone to understand that municipal elections matter and that it’s important to vote on Tuesday and to vote for all of the candidates on Row A.

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