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Kerry Ann Sheffield for Sharon Ferraro

Attention WPS parents and Weston homeowners: The jewel of our community — our top ranking public school district — needs your vote!

Did you know that this election cycle will determine our BOE seats and direction for the next four years?

And that we are in a pivotal chapter, as we are addressing the best path forward to address our outdated buildings and facilities?

Are you aware that of the seven BOE seats, only three women are represented, and one seat, Sharon Ferraro’s, is on the ballot this November 7th?

Speaking as a mother of three current WPS students and from my background as a school/clinical psychologist, BOE supporter, and having attended the recent, informative BOE debates, it is crystal clear that we must retain all our Democratic seats. It is especially imperative that we re-elect Sharon Ferraro.

As a contributing, seasoned BOE member, woman and WPS mother, Sharon’s strong leadership voice adds essential value. Sharon truly understands our schools’ needs having served on the executive committee of both WMS and WHS PTOs and as former president of the Weston Women’s League. Her impressive resume of managing large global teams throughout her career, stands on its own merits.

Move Weston forward. This November 7th, Vote Row A for our outstanding Democratic BOE members, Sharon Ferraro, and her colleagues, Chad Hoeppner, and BOE Chair Steve Ezzes.

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