Letters & Endorsements

Denise Harvey for David Muller

Please join me in re-electing David Muller to the Police Commission on November 7. David has been a Weston resident for 25 years. Prior to the start of his tenure in 2019 as an elected official on the Police Commission, he served over the course of 15 years on the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Board of Finance and the Board of Selectmen.

David brings to the Police Commission a unique combination of long-time knowledge of the community; an understanding of police practices, responsibilities and needs; a deep appreciation of the importance of police/community relations, and of public and school safety and security; a sensitivity to fiscal needs and constraints; budget expertise; and an invaluable insight into Town processes.

He is a leader, demonstrating thoughtful, in-depth and reasoned analysis, intellectual rigor, responsiveness to the community and an ability to build consensus and work well across Town government. He does so with integrity, a willingness to listen to others and fair-mindedness.

As an elected volunteer public official for several years, David has devoted countless hours to helping Weston resolve a broad range of complex issues. His wealth of experience and concern for the safety of our residents is more important than ever given today’s climate. He is the ideal candidate for re-election to the Police Commission.

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