Letters & Endorsements

Claudia Hahn for Samantha Nestor

As the Town Green Project wraps up I want to thank Samantha Nestor for helping lead the many Town organizations and hired contractors over the last four years to a very successful transformation.

Having begun on the Beautification Committee in 2001, I have witnessed the various inside workings of the Town through my tenure. Samantha has been an inclusive team builder, demonstrating her talents in perseverance and problem solving, always with a strong sense of decency and compassion. I have found Samantha to be very accommodating, communicative, and available. What a relief it has been to have her at the helm.

I say BRAVA to Samantha on helping to make the new Town Green a reality. Our newly renovated outdoor space is only going to get better as the townspeople learn the myriad ways to use it for events and impromptu gatherings.

I look forward to Samantha’s re-election as 1st Selectwoman and wish her Godspeed as she carries on leading Our Town.

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