Dog Park Appeal Denied Anew

On January 17, the Connecticut Appellate Court denied a motion to reconsider whether it should hear an appeal of the August 18 Superior Court decision upholding the Conservation Commission’s approval of plans for a dog park in Weston.

On December 13 the Appellate Court had ruled against hearing the appeal, on the grounds that the request had been filed too late. Six days later, attorney Stephen Nevas, representing the “intervenors” who brought suit against the Conservation Commission’s first approval (in 2018) and its second (in 2022) asked the full court to reconsider.

In his motion, Attorney Nevas insisted that the timing of his filing complied with court’s rules and information provided by its clerk. As is typically the case, the motion was denied without comment.

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Photo: Kenneth C. Zirkel, Creative Commons. (Image cropped.)

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