Letters to the Editor

Judge Lisa Wexler

November 14, 2022    Judge Wexler writes to thank voters for reelecting her.

Dear Westport and Weston Voters: Thank you for your resounding vote of confidence in me during this election. I am humbled by your support, and very happy to be re-elected as your Probate Judge for the next four years. As you may know, the position places me in … (continue reading)

Amy Jenner

November 11, 2022    Ms. Jenner writes regarding her public criticism of a Town employee.

To Tax Collector Cathy Neblett and Weston residents, Both as a Selectwoman and as a citizen, I will always be a cheerleader for the exemplary performance of our Town Administrator and the talented people who report to him…as well as the Police Officers … (continue reading)

Martin Mohabeer

November 11, 2022    Mr. Mohabeer writes regarding the tabling of a Town employee’s complaint.

I am an ardent proponent of transparency. I am also a firm advocate for the truth, the facts and following the terms as dictated by our town charter and collective bargaining agreements. There is a defined PROCESS for filing grievances which is open for review … (continue reading)

David Muller

November 5, 2022    Mr. Muller objects, in a letter to the Selectmen, to the tabling of a Town employee’s complaint.

In more than 20 years of elected service … I have never seen as clear and egregious breach of the Town Charter’s Ethics clause than the decision to permit Selectwoman Jenner to participate in a vote on handling a complaint of which she is the subject … (continue reading)

Danit Almog

November 4, 2022    Ms. Almog writes in support of Lisa Wexler for reelection as Probate Judge.

If you are, like I am, deeply concerned about how to care for an aging parent, or about the future of a child or loved one (perhaps with special needs) when you die, then this letter is for you. As a former prosecutor, and an unaffiliated voter … (continue reading)

David Gusick

November 3, 2022    Mr. Gusick writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senator.

Because character matters: why you should vote for Ceci Maher to be your next Connecticut State Senator. We live in very turbulent times. There are two very different competing visions for America’s future. Ceci stands on the side of protecting your children … (continue reading)

Samantha Nestor

November 2, 2022    Ms. Nestor writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senator.

This past year has demonstrated how influential members of the state legislature can be. When the Supreme Court handed down the Dobbs decision which overturned years of precedent protecting women’s reproductive rights it was our state legislators … (continue reading)

Terry Castellano

November 1, 2022    Ms. Castellano writes in support of the early voting Constitutional amendment.

Please join me in voting YES on the Early Voting Referendum question on your ballot on November 8. The question reads: “Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?” … (continue reading)

James Naughton

October 31, 2022    Mr. Naughton writes in support of a Medical Aid in Dying bill and Ceci Maher for State Senator.

I’ve been working for the past five years to pass a Medical Aid in Dying law in Connecticut. I’ve testified multiple times before the Public Health Committee of our State Legislature, given interviews on the subject to newspapers, TV, and talk radio programs … (continue reading)

Samantha Nestor

October 30, 2022    Ms. Nestor writes in support of reelecting Congressman Jim Himes.

Oftentimes when I watch the news I’m struck by how far away Washington DC feels from Weston. The issues debated by federal policymakers — Ukrainian aid, monetary policy, judicial reform — are all topics which at the local level can feel … (continue reading)

Sean O’Neil

October 27, 2022    Mr. O’Neil writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senator.

Over the last few months I have had the privilege of crossing paths with Ceci Maher on the campaign trail a number of times. Having worked on a number of campaigns, I can confidently say it is rare to encounter a candidate who is so consistently … (continue reading)

Samantha Nestor

October 27, 2022    Ms. Nestor writes in support of Anne Hughes for reelection as State Representative.

With Election Day coming up on November 8th I felt it was critically important to let the town of Weston know just how effective and present a State Representative we have in Anne Hughes. Having represented Weston for the last 4 years, I’ve worked with her … (continue reading)

Denise Harvey

October 26, 2022    Ms. Harvey writes in support of the early voting Constitutional amendment.

Without amending the Constitution, voters who want to vote in person will continue to be restricted to voting on Election Day only. Voting YES results in giving the General Assembly the ability to pass legislation on voting in person on days … (continue reading)

Ellen Crafts

October 24, 2022    Ms. Crafts writes in support of Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense Candidates.”

The latest statistics show that 50% of Americans have been impacted in some way by gun violence. And in fact, gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children in the United States, and the second leading cause of death for children in Connecticut … (continue reading)

Amy Shapiro

October 23, 2022    Ms. Shapiro writes in support of Stephanie Thomas for Secretary of the State.

In today’s excessively partisan world, elections, voters and the rules by which elections occur have become battlegrounds in every state in our country. Connecticut is no exception even though it has some of the most … (continue reading)

Andrea Chase

October 20, 2022    Ms. Chase writes in support of Congressman Jim Himes for reelection.

I am privileged to have Jim Himes as my U.S. Congressman, and I wholeheartedly support him for re-election. Congressman Himes truly is “a fighter for Connecticut’s 4th District.” His priorities are right where they need to be … (continue reading)

Ken Bernhard

October 18, 2022    Mr. Bernhard writes in support of Ceci Maher for the State Senate.

I am enthusiastically adding my name to those endorsing Ceci Maher to be the next Senator in our 26th District. I have given considerable thought to the issues that are important to our state. I have read Ceci’s materials, listened to her … (continue reading)

Marc de Mul

October 17, 2022    Mr. de Mul writes in support of the proposed Constitutional amendment to allow early voting.

Election Day is only a few weeks away. This year a question will be on the ballot about early voting in Connecticut. The question is simple … I’m writing to show strong support for a “yes” answer to this question. … (continue reading)

Gayle Weinstein

October 16, 2022    Ms. Weinstein writes in support of Senator Richard Blumenthal.

For over 20 years, Senator Richard Blumenthal has been fighting for the people of Connecticut. He has championed legislation that capped the cost of prescription drugs for Seniors, fought the big oil companies to reduce gas prices … (continue reading)

Terry Castellano

October 15, 2022    Ms. Castellano writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senate.

I urge you to join me in voting for Ceci Maher for State Senator of Connecticut’s 26th district on Tuesday, November 8. Ms. Maher has the skill set needed to lead Connecticut forward. After a successful career in the business world … (continue reading)

Andrea Chase

October 14, 2022    Ms. Chase writes in support of Probate Judge Lisa Wexler.

I am writing in support of the re-election of Probate Judge Lisa Wexler. Lisa has served with integrity, fairness, and transparency in the role since 2013. She embodies the Probate Court’s mission of protecting the rights of individuals and … (continue reading)

Cathleen Neblett

October 12, 2022    Ms. Neblett, Weston’s Tax Collector, responds to an accusation by a Selectman.

I would like to thank Weston Today for your carefully researched story regarding the Restaurant Equipment Tax Auction (September 26) and thoughtful response to Amy Jenner’s Letter to the Editor (October 4) both of which mention me … (continue reading)

Ali Dembishack

October 12, 2022    Ms. Dembishack writes in support of Jim Himes for reelection to Congress.

I am writing in support of re-electing Jim Himes as Congressman for the 4th District of CT. This November, and the months and years following, much is as stake for our country. As a woman and as a mother I know there is a lot at stake … (continue reading)

Beth Gralnick

October 10, 2022    Ms. Gralnick writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senate.

Ceci Maher, candidate for the 26th State Senate District, has my vote. A Fairfield County resident for over 60 years, Ceci has devoted more than 20 years as a private sector executive working to improve … (continue reading)

Cheri McKenzie

October 10, 2022    Ms. McKenzie writes in support of Sean Scanlon for State Comptroller.

Sean Scanlon, currently the State Rep for Branford and Guilford, is running for State Comptroller. An under-appreciated and not well-understood constitutional office, the State Comptroller is our … (continue reading)

Vicki Volper

October 10, 2022    Ms. Volper writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senate.

As a long-time resident of Connecticut, I have learned the importance of our chosen representatives in Hartford. These hard working people make important decisions about our health, our safety, our schools … (continue reading)

Josephine Deignan

October 10, 2022    Ms. Deignan writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senate.

From the first time I met Ceci Maher over ten years ago, I was very impressed with her tireless commitment to those she served. Whether providing support to the families of Person-to-Person as Executive Director … (continue reading)

Jody Kesten

October 10, 2022    Ms. Kesten writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senate.

I am writing in strong support of Ceci Maher for State Senate in the 26th District. Ceci has the experience and leadership to keep us moving forward with the values that are important in our community … (continue reading)

Joelle Berger

October 10, 2022    Ms. Berger writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senate.

I am a Westport mother and grandmother strongly supporting Ceci Maher for State Senate in the 26th District. Ceci Maher has shown her commitment to protecting our children from gun violence … (continue reading)

Linda Pryde

October 9, 2022    Ms. Pryde writes in support of Ceci Maher for State Senate.

Voters … have the opportunity to elect an excellent candidate in the newly drawn 26th State Senate District. Ceci Maher, a lifelong Fairfield County resident, has raised her family, volunteered, and led nonprofits … (continue reading)

Denise Harvey

October 7, 2022    Ms. Harvey writes in support of Stephanie Thomas for Secretary of the State.

I am writing to endorse Stephanie Thomas for the CT Secretary of the State. We are in a period of national political divisiveness, assaults on voting rights, proliferation of disinformation … (continue reading)

Gavin Guerra

October 7, 2022    Mr. Guerra writes in support of William Tong for Attorney General.

I met William Tong at a Westport fundraiser for my film on Voting Rights “Let The People Decide.” While he could have made a cameo and left, I instead found AG Tong to be engaged with his constituents and … (continue reading)

David Muller

October 6, 2022    Mr. Muller writes in support of Erick Russell for Treasurer.

I write in support of Erick Russell for Treasurer of the State of Connecticut. As a financial professional, I appreciate the importance of efficient and cost-effective management of the state’s debt … (continue reading)

Andrea Chase

October 6, 2022    Ms. Chase writes in support of Sean Scanlon for State Comptroller.

It is my pleasure to write in support of Sean Scanlon for State Comptroller. A less familiar position to many, the comptroller is Connecticut’s chief financial officer, managing the state’s bills … (continue reading)

Britta and Dan Lerner

October 5, 2022    Ms. Lerner and Mr. Lerner write in support of Toni Boucher for State Senate.

Senator Toni Boucher is back! Toni is in the trenches and once again fighting to protect our independent voices as parents when it comes to our children’s education … (continue reading)

Amy Jenner

October 4, 2022    Ms. Jenner writes regarding a Weston Today article. Weston Today’s editor responds.

As the Weston Today article “Restaurant Equipment Tax Auction” has triggered some commentary, permit me to clear up any misunderstanding and make a few corrections to the article for the benefit of Weston taxpayers. At that time … (continue reading)

Ken Edgar

October 4, 2022    Mr. Edgar writes to endorse William Tong for Attorney General and Stephanie Thomas for Secretary of the State.

We live in times when, unfortunately, it is more important than ever for our State officials to vigorously defend rights that most of us have taken for granted historically, such as the right to vote … (continue reading)

Karin Giannitti

September 29, 2022    Ms. Giannitti writes regarding the death of Fire and EMS veteran Mark Blake.

It has been a week filled with great sadness, great joy and great pride in our little town. Sadness with the loss of such a wonderful man, Mark Blake. Mark was kind, compassionate, caring and hard working for all … (continue reading)

Amy Jenner

August 5, 2022    Ms. Jenner writes in support of Jayme Stevenson for Congress.

I am writing in support of Jayme Stevenson’s candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives. Jayme is an experienced leader who has built strong relationships with municipalities in southwest Connecticut … (continue reading)

Amy Jenner

June 15, 2022    Ms. Jenner is a member of the Board of Selectmen.

Seeking this role was a very deliberate decision; I retired after a 30-year career in sales, marketing and operations always intending to use those skills in public service. Six months have passed … (continue reading)

Martha Diamant

June 8, 2022    Ms. Diamant writes regarding the Town’s ARPA plan.

Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance: As a 50+ year Weston resident, I would like to offer my comments on several items in the proposed ARPA plan. … (continue reading)

Alex Burns

May 16, 2022    Mr. Burns writes regarding a draft Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade.

With the discussion surrounding a woman’s right to choose coming to the forefront, I would just like to remind everyone that, regardless of what the Supreme Court decision comes down to be, Connecticut has had codified protections … (continue reading)

Amy Jenner

May 6, 2022    Ms. Jenner writes regarding the Budget Referendum.

Since the beginning of the year, town departments and school administrators have worked tirelessly to propose a fiscal year 22-23 budget. The Superintendent of Schools, the BoE, the BoF and BoS have debated the budget by line item … (continue reading)

Susan Urbania

March 28, 2022    Ms. Urbania writes in appreciation of Margaret Wirtenberg.

I want to add my sentiments to those praising Margaret Wirtenberg for all she has done for our town. She has been an INSTITUTION here in Weston for many years, reporting on … (continue reading)

Harry Falber

March 27, 2022    Mr. Falber writes in appreciation of Margaret Wirtenberg.

“Let your conscience be your guide.” Possibly, almost every child in the US, and perhaps the world, has heard those words since they were first sung by a little cricket, named Jiminy, in a song called “Give a Little Whistle” … (continue reading)

Ed Hutchins

March 17, 2022    Mr. Hutchins writes in support of the proposed dog park.

Dear Selectmen: As a property owner/resident since 1990, an active Kiwanis member and Veterans Affairs member, I do have comments on the dog park. Observations: Last year the Kiwanis group distributed 340 welcome bags to 2020/21 new residents. I did my share and I met young families … (continue reading)

Carl Urbania

March 11, 2022    Mr. Urbania writes regarding the STEAM facilities project.

I attended the STEAM Community Conversation #2 webinar on March 2, 2022 and would like to offer the following thoughts. It seems to me that any initiative that talks about investing $60 million – $120 million (capital) to improve/modernize … (continue reading)

Neil Spencer

January 30, 2022    Mr. Spencer writes regarding pedestrian safety.

Like everybody else in Weston, and the surrounding semi rural towns, we want everybody to be as safe as possible, whatever the situation may be. Since the emergence of Covid we’ve all noticed, and/or been a part of, running and walking … (continue reading)

Michelle Halpin

January 24, 2022    Ms. Halpin writes regarding the dog park.

After watching the Weston Dog Park discussion at the BoS meeting Thursday, January 20th 2022, I became concerned that the project I have supported both financially and with my time, for nearly SIX years, is under the threat of being cancelled … (continue reading)

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