Letters to the Editor

Larry Rehr

October 20, 2021    Mr. Rehr writes in support of John Dembishack for Board of Police Commissioners.

I am writing to support and endorse the candidate John Dembishack for the position of member of the Police Commission. John is the penultimate Weston Volunteer and is significantly qualified to hold a seat on the Weston … (continue reading)

Aaron Falber

October 20, 2021    Mr. Falber writes in support of Harry Falber for Planning & Zoning Commission.

My name is Aaron Falber and I writing to endorse my Father, Harry Falber for Planning and Zoning. I grew up in Weston, joining Weston Middle School in 4th grade and graduating with the class of 2008. It was a fantastic place to grow up … (continue reading)

Lisa Zhang

October 20, 2021    Ms. Zhang writes in support of Travis Worrell for the Board of Finance.

Hello, Fellow Westonites! I am very pleased to support Travis Worrell for Board of Finance on November 2nd. Over the years I have become disillusioned with adversarial red/blue politics and am proud to support … (continue reading)

Chris and Sara Spaulding

October 16, 2021    Dr. and Ms. Spaulding write in support of Samantha Nestor for First Selectwoman.

We are thrilled to support Samantha Nestor for First Selectman on November 2nd. We have known and worked with Sam for many years (including as a member of the Board of Education with Sara and as a member of … (continue reading)

Terry Castellano

October 16, 2021    Ms. Castellano writes in support of Sally Korsh for reelection to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Please join me in re-electing Sally Korsh to the Planning and Zoning Commission this November 2. Ms. Korsh has served Weston well in this capacity since 2013. She hopes to see the Plan of Conservation and Development continue … (continue reading)

Leslie D. Weiss

October 13, 2021    Ms. Weiss writes in support of Sally Korsh for reelection to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

I urge readers to re-elect Sally Korsh to the P and Z board. Weston is at a critical crossroad and needs someone like Sally who views issues and problems through a pragmatic, unbiased lens. I know Sally, her record as well as … (continue reading)

Steve Ezzes

October 12, 2021    Mr. Ezzes writes with the text of his letter to the chairs of Weston’s Democratic and Republican Town Committees regarding recent remarks by State Representative Anne Dauphinais.

There comes a point where both political parties have to join together and speak as a single voice. In my estimation that point has occurred having read the comments of Anne Dauphinais, a member of the Connecticut House … (continue reading)

Frank Billone

October 11, 2021    Mr. Billone writes in support of Samantha Nestor for First Selectwoman.

As a long time Weston taxpayer, resident and voter, I support Sam Nestor in her bid for First Selectwoman. I believe that true leaders listen to all of their constituents, not only the ones they think agree with them … (continue reading)

Ruth Glazer

October 4, 2021    Ms. Glazer writes in support of Martin Mohabeer for the Board of Selectmen.

A vote for Martin Mohabeer is a vote for a better Weston. Martin is one of the most reasoned thinkers in our wonderful community. He listens and researches before making decisions and is open to hearing all sides of an issue … (continue reading)

Peter Blau

September 30, 2021    Mr. Blau writes in support of Harry Falber for the Planning and Zoning Commission.

I would like to add my endorsement for Harry Falber, unaffiliated P&Z member running for re-election. If you favor preserving Weston’s natural beauty, peace and quiet – as a rare enclave in an increasingly traffic-choked … (continue reading)

Ken Edgar

September 29, 2021    Mr. Edgar writes in support of Samantha Nestor for First Selectwoman.

I am writing to enthusiastically support Samantha Nestor’s candidacy to continue as Weston’s First Selectman. As Chairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission, I have seen first-hand Samantha’s dedication to moving Weston forward … (continue reading)

Jeff Goldstein

September 29, 2021    Mr. Goldstein writes in support of Samantha Nestor for First Selectwoman.

It gives me great pleasure to write this in support of First Selectwoman Sam Nestor. I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Sam for around five years and I can say without reservation that she is exactly … (continue reading)

Amy Shapiro

September 22, 2021    Ms. Shapiro writes in support of Samantha Nestor for First Selectwoman.

Four and a half years ago, I was invited to an event at the home of someone I did not know named Samantha Nestor. Four and a half years ago, I could not anticipate the intelligent and compassionate person I was about to meet … (continue reading)

Shara Kolodney

September 21, 2021    Ms. Kolodney writes in support of Martin Mohabeer’s candidacy for the Board of Selectmen.

Let me tell you why it makes me feel good to know that Martin Mohabeer has the opportunity to be a voice for growth and progress in Weston. I met Martin last fall because we had both signed up for an interfaith led course … (continue reading)

Michael Imber

September 20, 2021    Mr. Imber writes in support of Samantha Nestor for First Selectwoman.

First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor has the vision and leadership skills to navigate the policy challenges that face Weston over the next several years. I strongly endorse Sam for your vote on November 2. These policy challenges … (continue reading)

Terry Castellano

September 13, 2021    Ms. Castellano writes in support of Samantha Nestor for First Selectwoman.

We in Weston have the opportunity to vote for an experienced candidate for First Selectman: Sam Nestor. Sam brings to the table experience as a Board of Education member, a Selectman, and, now, First Selectman … (continue reading)

Carolyn Hill-Bjerke

September 13, 2021    Ms. Hill-Bjerke writes in support of Samantha Nestor for First Selectwoman.

For the future of Weston, I am putting my support behind current Selectwoman Samantha Nestor. As a Westonite, I know to the native eye it seems like change is slow. But Samantha has quickly made a positive impact … (continue reading)

David Muller

September 7, 2021    Mr. Muller writes regarding the transition and change of leadership in town government.

We’ve been through quite a significant transition in our town government in the past weeks, with more unanticipated change in leadership than I have experienced in my nearly 20 years of voluntary service on town boards and commissions … (continue reading)

Ellen L.F. Strauss

September 7, 2021    Ms. Strauss writes to call for transparency, cooperation, and compromise.

Good luck to Sam Nestor as First Selectwoman. To whom much is given, much is expected. At the very top of that list is transparency. No more thwarting citizens from getting on the BOS agenda. We live in a democracy … (continue reading)

Martin Mohabeer

August 31, 2021    Mr. Mohabeer writes expressing gratitude for his appointment to the Board of Selectmen.

I would like to begin by offering my thanks to First Selectwoman Nestor, Selectman Grozinger, and the town of Weston for giving me this chance to serve on the Board of Selectmen. I am humbled and honored by this opportunity and the faith you have put in me … (continue reading)

Matt Carrothers

August 20, 2021    Mr. Carrothers, the Republican Town Committee chair, writes regarding the mask mandate.

The Weston Board of Selectmen held a regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, August 19. During this meeting they discussed the potential sale of the Fromson-Strassler land parcel to the Aspetuck Land Trust … (continue reading)

The Democratic Town Committee

August 11, 2021    The Democratic Town Committee writes offering support to First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor.

Hello Weston friends. It’s been quite a week. It was just a week ago that we expressed our gratitude to First Selectman Chris Spaulding for his service to the Town for more than ten years, the last six on the Board of Selectmen … (continue reading)

The Democratic Town Committee

August 2, 2021    The Democratic Town Committee write regarding former First Selectman Chris Spaulding.

The Weston Democratic Town Committee (DTC) would like to express its sincerest gratitude to First Selectman Chris Spaulding for over a decade of dedicated service, leadership and immeasurable contributions to Weston … (continue reading)

Deirdre Doran

July 19, 2021    Ms. Doran writes with regard to Lachat Town Farm plans for a new facility.

As an original member of the Friends of Lachat, I feel it necessary to provide some background information to readers in response to a recent letter submitted to the Weston Today’s editor. The Friends of Lachat was formed when Carol Baldwin decided that she was going to … (continue reading)

Peter Blau

July 12, 2021    Mr. Blau writes regarding road fatalities, safety, and speeding.

I spoke with a member of Weston EMS today and was horrified to learn there have been 5 motor vehicle fatalities in town since the pandemic began. I don’t believe you have covered these deaths, and traffic safety in general … (continue reading)

Brian Murray-Dalrymple

June 25, 2021    Mr. Murray-Dalrymple writes with regard to racial complaints filed with police officials.

On May 26th 2021 your outlet posted a lengthy statement from the Police Commission of Weston to the community defending its actions and its support of the WPD regarding the Simpson incident … (continue reading)

Bob Casson

June 25, 2021    Mr. Casson writes regarding issues between Lachat Town Farm and neighboring residents.

I read with great interest the recent letter alleging a NIMBY attack on Lachat Town Farm and lecturing readers on negotiations tactics and principles. I would like to present an alternative viewpoint … (continue reading)

Terrina and Tony Huck & Family

May 14, 2021    Ms. and Mr. Huck write regarding the 911 call on a Black Weston resident.

We are reaching out to Walter Simpson, his family and all residents of Weston regarding the highly unfortunate circumstances and events Walter experienced in late 2019 … We regret the pain our call to the Weston police caused you and your family … (continue reading)

David Allon

May 12, 2021    Mr. Allon writes about disagreements between Lachat Town Farm and neighbors on programs and a new building.

A broad and far-reaching NIMBY attack has been launched against the Lachat Town Farm, which has become the heart and soul of Weston’s community activity. If it succeeds, much of what we know and love about Lachat will cease to exist … (continue reading)

The Simpson Family

May 9, 2021    The Simpson family writes to thank those who supported them in a meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners.

Our family wants to thank everyone who attended the Weston Board of Police Commissioners meeting to support us, raise awareness about racial bias, and break down the walls of systemic racism in policing. WE THANK YOU for standing with us. WE THANK YOU for showing up not once but twice … (continue reading)

Marjorie Nieuwenhuis

May 8, 2021    Ms. Nieuwenhuis writes about an incident of apparent racial bias.

I watched last night’s Police Commission public meeting pertaining to Walter Simpson with great interest but also anger, as the true elephant in the room is the unknown accuser. As many did I’m sure, we related Walter’s experience to that of the Central Park incident … (continue reading)

Michael Liebow

May 2, 2021    Mr. Liebow writes an open letter to legislators about electric vehicle sales.

As a Connecticut resident and the owner of two EVs, with a third reserved, I am reaching out to you — yet again — in support of SB 127. I want to thank you for your support and consideration. SB 127 will make it much easier for our friends, family, and neighbors, interested in EVs... (continue reading)

Kirk Skodis

April 30, 2021    Mr. Skodis writes about a Black Weston resident’s encounter with Weston police.

On November 21, 2019, Walter left his home and took the five-minute walk down to the corner where he waited for his 5-year old daughter’s bus to bring her home as he did every afternoon. A Weston woman was driving by and noticed a Black man at the mailbox cluster. She dialed 911 … (continue reading)

S.W. Martin

January 31, 2021    Mr. Martin writes about the closing of Peter's Market.

Our family is both stunned and saddened to learn that Peter’s Market is closing. Like others, we enjoyed the sandwiches, the high quality meats, and baked goods... (continue reading)

Republican Town Committee

January 30, 2021    The RTC writes about domestic acts of terrorism.

The past 10 months have been as upsetting, and unsettling, as any period in U.S. history. The coronavirus came to our shores and quickly grew to a global pandemic... (continue reading)

The Silbert Family

November 28, 2020    Richard Silbert and family write about an act of suppression of free speech and racial intolerance.

A member of our community came onto our property and cut down and removed a Black Lives Matter banner we had attached to our fence facing the street. Over the summer... (continue reading)

Rhett Zovich

November 27, 2020    Mr. Zovich corresponds graphically.

Mr. Zovich's illustration appears to comment on the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election. (continue viewing)

Carol Baldwin

November 20, 2020    Ms. Baldwin writes about noisy leaf blowers.

Have you experienced this? After a couple rainy, grey days, the sun is finally shining. It’s a beautiful day in autumn. You decide to go outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air... (continue reading)

Letters about the 2020 Election

Heather Whaley

October 29, 2020    In support of State Representative Anne Hughes.

Appointments to the Supreme Court have pledged to deny women the right to bodily autonomy. They have opened the door to relinquishing hard-won rights and protections... (continue reading)

Greg Murphy

October 29, 2020    In support of John Shaban.

My name is Greg Murphy and I am a member of Weston's Board of Finance and have lived in Weston since 2001. I have had the pleasure of knowing John Shaban for 11 years... (continue reading)

Christopher Cosgrove

October 28, 2020    In support of Michelle McCabe for the State Senate.

Our state is facing unprecedented challenges that require unprecedented results from our legislators. Now is the time to look past career politicians for those who can deliver... (continue reading)

Harvey Bellin

October 25, 2020    In support of State Representative Anne Hughes.

Will all your 2020 election choices be candidates you truly respect and trust? Weston, Easton and Redding voters can re-elect a leader of proven integrity and character... (continue reading)

Joseph Colaprico

October 25, 2020    In support of John Shaban.

I encourage your readers to vote for John Shaban, candidate for Connecticut’s 135th General Assembly District. John cares deeply for the families and communities of... (continue reading)

Dr. Dan Gilbert

October 24, 2020    In support of John Shaban, Tony Hwang, and Kim Healy.

In the upcoming election for state house/senate seats I’m supporting John Shaban, Tony Hwang, and Kim Healy. I hope you will too. They support Weston’s control of its schools, its zoning... (continue reading)

Rachel and Laurie Gaugler

October 20, 2020    In support of State Senator Tony Hwang.

As a mother and daughter writing a letter in support of Tony Hwang, we want to share some of the qualities that impress us about him. Tony Hwang supports equality and empowerment of women! First... (continue reading)

Nathaniel S. Yordon

October 6, 2020    In support of State Representative Anne Hughes.

Anne Hughes was a leading voice in the last legislative session that delivered many wins for the environment including significant investment in offshore wind, the... (continue reading)

Karen Thorsen

October 6, 2020    In support of State Representative Anne Hughes.

State Representative Anne Hughes advocates for ALL of us. Always accessible, responsive, empathetic, she actively solicits input and turns needs into action. Her engagement... (continue reading)

Roger Longman

October 4, 2020    In support of Congressman Jim Himes.

I write this letter in support of Jim Himes for Congress. My reasoning is certainly based on Jim’s positions...and his character. It also has to do with who—or what—he’s running against... (continue reading)

Susanne Smith

September 28, 2020    In support of State Representative Anne Hughes.

When you think of a state legislator, what do you think of? I think of somebody who is totally dedicated to the communities she serves. Anne Hughes is just that kind of representative... (continue reading)

Maureen E. Hanley

September 28    In support of Senator Tony Hwang.

Senator Tony Hwang is someone who will show up to help and support you no matter the time of day or night. Let me tell you a personal story that demonstrates this... (continue reading)

Withheld by request

August 27, 2020    Regarding the reopening of Weston schools.

We all want schools to open, for children to learn in a social setting, and for life to return to some familiar version of normalcy. But what we want or, more precisely, what we wish for should not drive public policy during a pandemic. COVID-19 has its own agenda. (continue reading)

Anabel Sollinger

July 20, 2020    Regarding Senator Will Haskell's support of police accountability legislation.

On Friday June 5th, citizens in Westport marched in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, hoping to spread awareness for the need for increased police reform and accountability in the United States. Marching with them was Senator Will Haskell... (continue reading)


June 14, 2020    Regarding two-acre zoning.

Regret is a terrible thing. Having moved away from a town that we loved and that I dedicated a good deal of time to serving, I look back in regret not for the things I have said and done, but for the ideas I have left unsaid... (continue reading)

Brian Murray-Dalrymple

June 12, 2020    Regarding racism and the schools.

Speaking as a 60s born Black man I partly disagree with the ideas of introducing books and material to teach kids about Racism, if we have the need to teach children in the school system to read books on being kind... (continue reading)

Cathryn Saldinger

June 7, 2020    Regarding racism and what can be done in town.

Systemic racism is real and it’s not only a national problem, or a state problem. It is a local problem. We must ask ourselves what we as a town will do after this moment of protest passes. One thing the town can do... (continue reading)

Previous letters regarding budgets and the mill rate.

Ruth Israely

May 21, 2020    Ms. Israely writes regarding the Board of Finance.

Dear Board of Finance: Thank you for your service to our town. I am aware of tonight's special meeting, and though I cannot attend, I hope you will *not* take a vote on the town and school budgets tonight... (continue reading)

Gregg and Jenn Haythorn

May 20, 2020    Mr. Haythorn and Ms. Haythorn write regarding the Board of Finance.

Thanks for the coverage of this Town/District budget cycle. Curious that Weston Today attracted only letters expressing "criticism" of the BoF. If so, there's probably a worthwhile story just in that outcome, given the complexity of the issue... (continue reading)

Dr. James Maggio

May 20, 2020    Dr. Maggio writes regarding the Board of Finance.

A recent campaign of letters to the editor paint an unfair picture of Weston’s May 7 Board of Finance meeting. In the early days of tabloid journalism, in order to avoid lawsuits, such uncensored and inflammatory assertions began with the disclaimer... (continue reading)

Lawrence Rehr

May 11, 2020    Mr. Rehr writes regarding the Board of Finance.

Anyone who listened through the entire 3 hours and 2 minutes of the meeting came away with the CLEAR UNDERSTANDING that the vast majority of the town's tax paying citizens, were overwhelmingly in favor of approving the budget requests AS PROPOSED... (continue reading)

Sarah Grigerick

May 8, 2020    Ms. Grigerick writes regarding the Board of Finance.

Passing a 0% budget - against the express will of town residents - during a national pandemic is not only fiscally irresponsible, it opens the town up to massive liability issues... (continue reading)

Ilene Richardson

May 7, 2020    Ms. Richardson writes regarding the Board of Finance.

Board of Finance Members: While I have upmost respect for the challenging task you face, and I appreciate all of the dedicated work you all have been doing, I am stunned by what I witnessed in the meeting tonight. As I listened in... (continue reading)

Previous Letters

Sean Martin

March 20, 2020    Mr. Martin writes regarding plastic ties left on the side of the road.

While we remain consumed by the C-virus, many Westonites have been walking and biking over the past few days to get exercise, and I suppose, to gain some release. I walked a half mile stretch on Old Hyde today, and picked up over a dozen... (continue reading)

Nina Daniel

March 16, 2020    Ms. Daniel writes regarding the Town and Education proposed budgets.

Given the current coronavirus crisis, I would like to respond to its likely impact on local issues, Weston real estate values, personal and family income, and residents’ expectations of Town leaders in the midst of an evolving pandemic... (continue reading)

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