Letters to the Editor

Ruth Israely

May 21, 2020    Ms. Israely writes regarding the Board of Finance.

Dear Board of Finance: Thank you for your service to our town. I am aware of tonight's special meeting, and though I cannot attend, I hope you will *not* take a vote on the town and school budgets tonight... (continue reading)

Gregg and Jenn Haythorn

May 20, 2020    Mr. Haythorn and Ms. Haythorn write regarding the Board of Finance.

Thanks for the coverage of this Town/District budget cycle. Curious that Weston Today attracted only letters expressing "criticism" of the BoF. If so, there's probably a worthwhile story just in that outcome, given the complexity of the issue... (continue reading)

Dr. James Maggio

May 20, 2020    Dr. Maggio writes regarding the Board of Finance.

A recent campaign of letters to the editor paint an unfair picture of Weston’s May 7 Board of Finance meeting. In the early days of tabloid journalism, in order to avoid lawsuits, such uncensored and inflammatory assertions began with the disclaimer... (continue reading)

Lawrence Rehr

May 11, 2020    Mr. Rehr writes regarding the Board of Finance.

Anyone who listened through the entire 3 hours and 2 minutes of the meeting came away with the CLEAR UNDERSTANDING that the vast majority of the town's tax paying citizens, were overwhelmingly in favor of approving the budget requests AS PROPOSED... (continue reading)

Sarah Grigerick

May 8, 2020    Ms. Grigerick writes regarding the Board of Finance.

Passing a 0% budget - against the express will of town residents - during a national pandemic is not only fiscally irresponsible, it opens the town up to massive liability issues... (continue reading)

Ilene Richardson

May 7, 2020    Ms. Richardson writes regarding the Board of Finance.

Board of Finance Members: While I have upmost respect for the challenging task you face, and I appreciate all of the dedicated work you all have been doing, I am stunned by what I witnessed in the meeting tonight. As I listened in... (continue reading)

Previous Letters

Sean Martin

March 20, 2020    Mr. Martin writes regarding plastic ties left on the side of the road.

While we remain consumed by the C-virus, many Westonites have been walking and biking over the past few days to get exercise, and I suppose, to gain some release. I walked a half mile stretch on Old Hyde today, and picked up over a dozen... (continue reading)

Nina Daniel

March 16, 2020    Ms. Daniel writes regarding the Town and Education proposed budgets.

Given the current coronavirus crisis, I would like to respond to its likely impact on local issues, Weston real estate values, personal and family income, and residents’ expectations of Town leaders in the midst of an evolving pandemic... (continue reading)

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