Letter: What Happened to Civility?

To the Editor:

What happened to civility? When did the people of Weston stop tolerating each other’s ideas if they didn’t match their own?

Just prior to the budget election, with our neighbors consent, we put up signs on 50 of the potential 75+ trees that will be cut down for the Phase 3 sidewalk project. The signs read “Save This Tree No Phase 3.” There was also a QR code and a web address on the signs.

The hope was to help educate people about the devastating impact of Phase 3 on the environment and the impact on our taxes. Someone tore down some of the signs. Perhaps it is the unfortunate tone in our country now, perhaps it was just a teenage prank, but a lack of tolerance is a sad comment on the times and what should not be happening in Weston.

—  Pat S. Weist

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