Letter: Evaluate Alternative Scenarios

To the Editor:

I applaud First Selectwoman Nestor’s approach to evaluating alternative construction scenarios for the Weston Middle School.

After attending their May 20 meeting, it seems completely appropriate for the Board of Education to consider more carefully some of the historic alternatives as well as provide more supporting information as to why Weston would be eligible for a state construction reimbursement grant in excess of 20 percent.

Moreover, the BOE may wish to form a longer-term view on the infrastructure needs of other Weston Public School facilities, as had previously been contemplated in the 2022 Facilities Optimization Committee reports.

This pause is a unique opportunity for the Town of Weston to take stock of the larger context in preparing long-term financial projections that consider all of our town’s infrastructure and operational priorities, especially as we contemplate the potential issuance of tens of millions of dollars in bond debt.

The Board of Selectmen presented a road paving plan earlier this year that may cost as much as $14 million and we still are seeking a permanent solution for our employees who tirelessly make our town tick from the confines of the portable annex that is beyond its useful life.

We have fire equipment to replace over the next five years. The 2025 BOS capital budget also includes funding for the engineering and cost estimates for planning and projects outlined in the Town’s Five Year Capital Plan. With that data, a proper long-term set of projections, complete with debt capacity analysis, can be part of the overall analytic package that will inform Weston voters when we are asked to consider approval of a series of bond issues in the next few years.

Weston elected leaders can work collaboratively together and with our engaged and educated community on important initiatives. Weston has big plans and this town has the talent and drive to make it happen.

—  Michael Imber, Chairman, Weston Board of Finance

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