Letter: Define Weston by What Unites Us

To the Editor:

Weston should not be defined by what divides us, but rather by what unites us. In our world today, where differences often seem to dominate headlines and conversations, it is crucial to remember the common threads that bind us together as neighbors and citizens.

What unites us in Weston is our commitment to fostering a caring and inclusive community, keeping our people safe and making life better for all our citizens. Whether it's supporting our excellent schools and town services, creating lifelong friendships, engaging in local charities, or simply looking out for one another, these acts of unity demonstrate that we are stronger when we come together for the collective good of our community.

Let us focus on the common ground that underpins our lives in Weston; the beauty of our surroundings, the well-being of our family and neighbors and the shared desire to see our town continue to thrive and grow. Together we can build bridges that transcend differences and promote a spirit of unity.

My hope is that the compromise solution to the capital budget offered by Chairman Mike Imber at the Thursday, May 9 Board of Finance meeting (and will be on the ballot at the referendum on Saturday, May 18) is a step in uniting the town and moving us to look past what divides us and focusing on what unites us as a thriving and growing community.

To put it in perspective, the difference in property taxes between the current capital budget proposal and the proposal coming out of the ATBM that resulted in a tie vote at the May 4 referendum amounts to $5.25 per month for a property assessed at $700,000.

Let us engage in constructive dialogues, show empathy towards one another, and embrace the values that make Weston a special place to call home.

Weston is stronger when we work together! Let’s work together to continue to move Weston forward.

—  Tony Pesco, Second Selectman and longtime Weston resident

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