Thanks from Emmanuel and Warm-Up

To the Editor:

Thanks to all of the residents who donated their trees to the annual community bonfire, Emmanuel Church continues to be able to raise funds for the Weston Warm-Up Fund.

Thank you to the Weston Volunteer Fire Department for supervising the bonfire and keeping everyone safe.

Sincere thanks to Tom Failla and fellow Kiwanians Steve Thomas, Frank Ferrara, Dan Gilbert, and Tom Johnson, Jon Rogers and Weston High School students Ben Landesman and Timmy Amato for driving around town collecting all of the donated Christmas trees.

Finally, the event would not happen without the tireless efforts of Stephanie Larsen, the Emmanuel Church parish administrator.

The parish hall was filled with warm spirits as community enjoyed the live music of Last Nightstand and light refreshments. The community bonfire has been a successful fundraiser for the Weston Warm-Up Fund for several years. Neighbors coming together at its best!

Sonya Stack, Emmanuel Church
Darcy Barrera-Hawes, Weston Warm-Up Fund

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