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The Board of Finance will meet on Thursday to set budgets and the mill rate. Huge factors are unknown.

May 31 declared Eileen Buckley Day.

A textbook small-town wedding at the gazebo featured some decidedly non-textbook elements.

Probate judge discusses temporary notarization rules.

Meetings & Updates

On our Town Calendar, dial-in and online access information for Weston board, commission, and committee meetings.

The Board of Finance sets budgets and the mill rate on Thursday. The hearing on the long-range town plan is on June 6. Participation details are on the Calendar.

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The Board of Finance, the Dip and the Dance

May 31, 2020

The Board of Finance meets on Thursday evening to approve budgets and set the mill rate. The Board previously discussed a reasonably painless path to a zero-percent mill rate increase, but members may prefer another approach.

Meanwhile, the dip and the dance of the public health crisis carries risk and potentially significant costs.

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Weston Statement on Minneapolis

May 31, 2020

A statement from First Selectman Spaulding, Captain Matt Brodacki, and Police Commission chair Beth Gralnick:

"What happened in Minneapolis should never have happened and certainly must never happen again. Our police must serve as trusted partners…"

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Weston Teen Jack Kendall Expands PPE Production

May 31, 2020

Jack Kendall, the enterprising Weston teen who manufactures face shields for emergency responders and medical workers, now has four 3D printers running around the clock, producing 100 face shields every day.

He isn't stopping there.

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And This...

About reopening Connecticut, about Weston's appeal, about planning for the future, and About Town.

COVID-19 more than doubled Connecticut’s typical mortality rate in April and May, reports CTNewsJunkie.

A new study will attempt to determine how widespread COVID-19 is in Connecticut, reports the Connecticut Mirror.

A Wedding at the Gazebo

May 31, 2020

The plan for Susanna Lustbader and Justin Weissbrod was to have a big wedding with 185 guests. But a pandemic got in the way.

So instead, the couple tied the knot on Friday afternoon in an old-school small-town event: in the gazebo at Town Hall, officiated by a Justice of the Peace.

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Judge Wexler on Notary Requirements

June 2, 2020

Probate Court Judge Lisa Wexler explains temporary changes to requirements for notarizing documents, including special provisions for wills.

Judge Wexler discusses the new rules in a video produced by Weston Kiwanis.

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Letters to the Editor

May 20, 2020

In the latest letters received, condemnation of the Board of Finance budget process, accusations that the Board is defying the will of the public, and views exactly the opposite.

Letters to the Editor.

May 31, 2020: Eileen Buckley Day

May 31, 2020

May 31 is officially Eileen Buckley Day in Weston, as declared in a proclamation by the First Selectman on the occasion of Ms. Buckley's 90th birthday.

The proclamation honored Ms. Buckley for "her example as a role model and her service and dedication to the community."

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The Real Dogs of Weston

Meet Arlo, an American Blue-Nose Pit Bull whose love of life can barely be contained by his gigantic puppy body.

Weighing in at 110 pounds of pure mush, this love bug will charm you right off your feet (sometimes literally) with his affectionate personality and enthusiastic kisses..

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Obituary: Rajan Sekaran

May 30, 2020

The obituary of Rajan Sekaran, investment banker, mathematician, outdoorsman, and life-long learner.

Mr. Sekaran died in a car accident on May 21, in his hometown of Weston. He was 59.

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DTC Seeks Building Committee Candidates

May 29, 2020

The Weston Democratic Town Committee is looking to fill a position on the Building Committee.

The Committee’s duties include general supervision of municipal and school construction projects.

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Keeping Your Body Healthy

Sponsored content

During this challenging time, the team at AFC Urgent Care Norwalk is even more focused on how to provide our patients with affordable, high-quality care in a safe environment.

We have taken extra precautions to keep our patients and healthcare providers safe.

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The Pharm Stand Opens in Ridgefield

Sponsored content

CBD has been all the rage for the past few years. In Ridgefield, The Pharm Stand offers high-quality, reliable CBD products and a special discount for Weston Today readers.

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The Co-op: A Natural Path to Learning

Sponsored content

The Westport Weston Cooperative Nursery School, fondly known as The Co-op, values play as the natural path to learning.

Each classroom has a wall of window to the outside. Play themes often incorporate nature and the seasons of the year.

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Rajan Sekaran, 59

May 28, 2020

Rajan Sekaran, of Weston, died in a motor vehicle accident on May 21, 2020. Mr. Sekaran was 59.

A full obituary will be published in a few days. Mr. Sekaran's wife, Anna, thanks the community "for their love and support ."

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Tennis, Anyone?

May 28, 2020

Welcome news today for tennis players who use Town athletic facilities: the courts open today, with a reservation system put in place, along with certain rules.

The courts will only be available to Weston residents (no guests). Reservations are required.

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Rolfing Part 2: Learning to Breathe

By the end of my first Rolfing session, I found myself breathing more deeply, more evenly, and more consistently. The session gave me a new appreciation for the value of high-quality, consistent breathing.

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Sheila Hagan Hayes, 82

May 27, 2020

Sheila Hagan Hayes, 82, passed away peacefully in Connecticut on May 21, 2020, after a brief illness, her three daughters by her side.

Sheila was born in New York City on June 16, 1937, to Michael Hagan and Mary (Flaherty) Hagan, young immigrants from Ireland and Scotland.

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Flamingos Attack Again

May 26, 2020

They're back. The flamingos. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the lagoon.

You can place an order to give a Weston High School senior the bird. Two birds, actually, plus a yard sign. Or, you can have festive balloons delivered. In fact, you can do both. Either way, a graduate will be thrilled.

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Curbside Pickup Coming to the Weston Library

May 26, 2020

Curbside pickup of books at Weston Public Library will be available as soon as June 15.

Digital resources have been available around the clock during the current shutdown, but the availability of printed materials will be welcome news for many in town.

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And the Nominees Are...

May 25, 2020

Democrats and Republicans held conventions to nominate candidates for November's election for the General Assembly.

Incumbents in both parties won renomination, with one warding off a challenge. One November contest features a familiar face, one a rematch, one a newcomer.

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Kate O'Keefe Honored by Weston Education Foundation

May 26, 2020

Kate O'Keefe, a Weston High School teacher of photography, studio art, drawing, and painting, has been named the 2020 recipient of Weston Education Foundation’s David Trigaux Innovation Award.

The award honors a teacher who demonstrates originality and dedication to creative teaching.

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How to Help Weston High School PTO Help the School

May 25, 2020

The loss of the 5K Road Race, one of the many casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic, has suffered a particularly hard blow to the ability of the Weston High School PTO to fund programs and resources at the school.

There are a couple of great ways you can help.

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Memorial Day Retrospective

May 26, 2020

For Memorial Day weekend, we had tributes from the First Selectman and Weston Volunteer Fire Department, the playing of taps by an EMS captain, and a fond look back at events in previous years.

Call us sentimental.

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Chilton Ryan, 90

May 23, 2020

William Chilton Ryan (known as Chilton) died Friday, May 8th at his home in Weston, Connecticut with his daughter and son-in-law by his side. He was the husband of the late Victoria Ryan.

Born in New York City, on October 10, 1929, he was the son of the late William J. and Margaret E.C. Ryan, longtime residents of Wilton, CT, where Chilton was raised.

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Virtual 5K for Food Pantry

May 20, 2020

The annual Weston High School PTO's Memorial Day 5K race won't be run this year, as other PTO fundraising efforts develop. But another group is sponsoring a virtual 5K in July to raise funds for the Weston Food Pantry.

You can also get a We Are Weston tee-shirt to help the Pantry meet needs in the community.

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Weston Historical Society Invites Preservation

May 20, 2020

Weston Historical Society invites you to share stories, photos, news articles, documents, and just about anything else to help preserve the memory of these historic times.

Everything about dealing with this pandemic will be preserved in the Society’s archives.

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Hair Salon, Barber Shop Reopenings Delayed

May 18, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont announced this morning that Connecticut hair salons and barber shops will not reopen until early June, instead of being part of the state's first phase of reopenings on May 20.

"It is in everyone’s best interests to provide for some additional preparation time" said the governor.

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Local Chef Pivots, Still Gives Back

May 16, 2020

In a video interview, Chef Alison Milwe Grace of AMG Catering talks about life and business before the pandemic and how she pivoted to accommodate the new reality while still helping others.

And she happens to know a thing or two about pressure.

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Weston Real Estate Market Heats Up

May 15, 2020

We wanted to know more about the suddenly-booming Weston real estate market, so we turned to experts closest to the action.

In a 10-minute video interview, David Weber, Susan Seath, and Karen Hagen of KMS Partners at Compass tell you just how hot Weston is.

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Drive-Through Testing in Bethel

May 14, 2020

Drive-through COVID-19 testing will be available a little closer to Weston, by appointment at Bethel's CVS Pharmacy, one of 12 new testing sites in Connecticut.

You need to register for an appointment online.

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School Fields Reopen

May 13, 2020

Athletic fields at Weston Public Schools have reopened.

If all goes well, Bisceglie-Scribner Park and Morehouse Farm Park will open on Wednesday, May 20.

Several conditions apply.

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David Peter Simerman, 82

May 13, 2020

David Peter Simerman, 82, of Ridgefield, passed away in his sleep on April 13 due to complications from COVID-19.

Mr. Simerman was active in Weston, a longtime Kiwanis member, chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals, and a police commissioner.

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DIY PPE, in the Garage

May 13, 2020

In a time that everyone, to a greater or lesser degree, has become a do-it-yourselfer, David Levy took it upon himself to manufacture an item of PPE with store-bought materials.

In a video, Mr. Levy explains how protective hoods can be made and distributed.

Video report.

Board of Finance Leans Toward Zero

May 11, 2020

The prevailing inclination of a majority of the Board of Finance appears to be to leave the mill rate unchanged this year by adopting a combination of cuts to operating and capital budgets and drawing from reserves.

Chairman Steve Ezzes said he was most concerned about the future. "We're not going back to any sense of normality for a year," he said.

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Fields to Open, Cautiously

May 10, 2020

Beginning on Monday with the running track at Weston High School, the town's outdoor athletic facilities will gradually reopen, with restrictions and oversight. The move is highly conditional.

"We're not giving the all-clear," said First Selectman Spaulding. Sgt. Miceli said much depends on how well people self-regulate.

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No July 4th This Year

May 10, 2020

Fourth of July celebrations will not be held in Weston this year.

On April 28, the Parks and Recreation Commission voted, reluctantly, to recommend that the Board of Selectmen cancel the event. On May 7, the Selectmen did so, concluding that there was no way to hold the annual celebration safely.

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Finance Board Budget Deliberations to Continue

May 5, 2020

On Thursday evening, the Board of Finance meets to discuss budgets and the mill rate. The Board heard from the public on Saturday.

Editor's Note: This article has been revised since initial publication to reflect a change in the Board of Finance plans.

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Schools to Remain Closed

May 5, 2020

This morning, Governor Ned Lamont ordered Connecticut K-12 public schools to stay closed for the remainder of the school year.

The governor and Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona briefed the press at 4:00 this afternoon. View the briefing here.

"We're Getting There"

May 1, 2020

In a video report, First Selectman Chris Spaulding and OEM Director Sgt. Joe Miceli update Weston on plans to gradually reopen town as the threat of COVID-19 appears to be beginning to subside.

"We're not there yet," says Sgt. Miceli. "But we're getting there."

Article and video.

Weston Gets Flocked

April 29, 2020

Weston is under attack by flamingos. As if we didn't have enough to worry about already.

Swarms of the pretty but ungainly birds have descended around town for the last several days. They gather on one lawn or another for about 24 hours, then migrate elsewhere.

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Weston High School Excels in Rankings

April 29, 2020

State and national rankings by U.S. News & World Report put Weston High School at the top of the list of excellent schools in Connecticut and throughout the nation.

The school ranked number two in the state and well into the top one percent of more than 24,000 public high schools in the United States.

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How to Donate to the Food Pantry

April 29, 2020

The Weston Food Pantry offers a hand to those particularly hard-hit by the current crisis, and is now ready to accept donations of non-perishable food.

A special drop-off schedule has been set for two days during the week, and cash donations are welcome.

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Be Safe When Walking, Jogging, or Cycling

April 29, 2020

As nice weather arrives, more Weston residents are eager to get outside to go for a jog or walk with the kids and the family dog on a leash. Cyclists are getting their exercise enjoying the freedom and beauty of the Weston spring countryside.

The trick is to do it safely.

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Gayle Weinstein: Recovering from COVID-19

April 25, 2020

In an interview, former Weston First Selectwoman Gayle Weinstein, who is recovering from COVID-19, describes her own experience and discusses what Weston should expect and prepare for in the aftermath.

Recorded on April 25, 2020.

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Teens Team to Combat COVID

April 27, 2020

Keona Patel, a Weston High School sophomore, and Trumbull High School junior Arya Kothari have stepped up to Combat COVID, the name of their enterprise to make and distribute face masks to emergency responders and healthcare providers.

Volunteers are needed, and welcome.

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On a Trial Basis, Trout Brook Access Reopens

April 27, 2020

Access to Trout Brook Valley parking has reopened on weekdays, but Weston Police warn that a repeat of problems could cause the Bradley Road lot to be closed again.

Devil's Den, which was closed by the Nature Conservancy in late March, is still not open, largely due to concerns about safety.

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Karin Giannitti Honored with Millie Best Environmental Award

April 27, 2020

On April 25, the Weston Kiwanis club presented its 16th annual Millie Best Environmental Award to lifelong Weston resident Karin Giannitti.

Ms. Giannitti was cited for decades of contributions to the town's beautification and the environment.

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Trout Brook, Tax Payment Relief, and More

April 22, 2020

Trout Brook access may be restored; the Town is providing leeway on tax payments for those under financial pressure due to COVID-19. A video report from First Selectman Chris Spaulding and OEM Director Joe Miceli.

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Video Interview: Himes, Haskell, Spaulding

April 15, 2020

An interview with U.S. Representative Jim Himes, State Senator Will Haskell, and First Selectman Chris Spaulding.

The discussion focuses on aid to municipalities, unemployment benefits for the self-employed, and the availability of federal relief programs.

Recorded April 15, 2020.

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Net-Net on the Budgets (Updated)

April 11, 2020

The bottom line on how the budget approval process will take place this year.

There will be no ATBM or referendum, but everything must be public and published, and you must be able to have input.

An online hearing will be held on May 2.

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Three Words Stand in the Way of Voting by Mail

by Sen. Will Haskell

In an op-ed, State Senator Will Haskell urges the legislature to act swiftly and remove three words—"his or her"—from Connecticut election statutes.

That change, says the senator, "would allow any voter to cast a ballot from the safety of their own home during a pandemic."

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Mental Health Support Available

by Sen. Tony Hwang and Dr. Robert Flanagan

The isolation and social distancing being employed against the coronavirus will likely thwart the spread of the disease. They may also unintentionally increase anxiety and depression.

When the pain doesn’t go away, we must not delay in reaching out.

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Spaulding: 'Help Me Help Those Who Protect Us'

April 9, 2020

Several Weston Police officers have either tested positive for COVID-19 or are displaying symptoms and quarantined.

First Selectman Chris Spaulding asks that you "help me help those who protect us" by being judicious about calling the police and knowing what to expect if they must come to your home.

6-minute video report.

Nanette Charny, 61

April 9, 2020

Nanette Charny of Weston, 61, passed away on March 24th, 2020.

Nanette was born on October 11, 1958 in New York City. In 2003, she and her husband, Tim, moved to Weston, where she fell in love with tennis. Everyone who was lucky enough to meet her immediately sensed her kindness and generosity.

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Weston Teen Makes PPE

April 8, 2020

Weston resident Jack Kendall manufactured 97 PPE face shields and donated them last week to Weston Volunteer EMS. He is currently making hundreds more.

Mr. Kendall hopes others familiar with the technology will join the effort, and will support them.

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Masks for EMS, More Needed

April 8, 2020

Weston EMS got an assist this week when State Senator Tony Hwang dropped off a supply of surgical masks.

The response to EMS's appeal to the community for donated equipment was "fantastic." But supplies are still critically short, so the service asks again for help finding resources.

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Keep it Going, Be Kind, Thanks Redding!

April 7, 2020

In a wide-ranging video update, First Selectman Spaulding and OEM Director Miceli discuss masks, shout-out to Redding (Weston dispatch is again operational), and urge "plugging along," good citzenship, and self-quarantine for visitors.

"Be an extra good citizen," says Dr. Spaulding. "Be kind to your neighbors."

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Weston Loves Bode

April 4, 2020

Everyone kept their distance at an auto parade on Thursday celebrating an all-clear for seven-year-old Bode Kloos.

Everyone kept their distance physically, that is. Hundreds showed their love for this brave young man with a parade of blaring car horns and Bode's fight song. See and hear it all in our two-minute video report.

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A Story of Loss, and a Message

April 2, 2020

In this video report, Weston firefighter Steven Chila talks about the loss of his father to coronavirus.

He and his family have an important message for you and your family.

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Spaulding, Miceli: It's in Your Hands

April 3, 2020

In an April 2 video report, First Selectman Chris Spaulding and OEM Director Sgt. Joe Miceli update Weston and advise continued social vigilance.

"We've closed down everything we could. How bad things get in the next couple of weeks is in your hands."

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Dispatch Shifted to Redding, Weston Cases Likely High

March 29, 2020

Key points in a 3-minute video from First Selectman Chris Spaulding:

Emergency dispatch is temporarily being handled by Redding.

100 cases likely for every 1 confirmed infection.

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Budgets: Business as Unusual

March 27, 2020

There will be no Annual Town Budget Meeting or referendum this year, but work continues on the budgets.

Increases continue to decrease, and a potential mill rate hike may be getting smaller and smaller.

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A Champion on the Ice and Off

March 27, 2020

Weston figure skater Jillian Belluck brought home a synchronized skating gold medal and an individual award, which included a charitable donation.

She was also set to represent the United States in the world championship tournament in England.

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Joseph Linker: GeoBee Whiz

March 27, 2020

Our congratulations to Weston Middle School eighth grader Joseph Linker, whose knowledge of geography qualified him to compete in the National Geographic GeoBee state competition.

Our sympathies to him as well, as the competition was canceled.

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Health Care Volunteers Needed

March 28, 2020

Governor Lamont: "The State of Connecticut needs health care volunteers now more than ever to help out with the COVID-19 effort, including students and other retired health care workers."

A brief video from the governor and information about how to register.

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Tennis, Basketball Courts Closed

March 27, 2020

Per OEM: Tennis and basketball courts at the Weston schools athletic complex are closed. The running track remains open, but those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

School security staff will supervise, assisted by Weston Police if necessary.

Spaulding, Miceli: March 25 Update

March 25, 2020

In a six-minute video report, First Selectman Chris Spaulding and Office of Emergency Management Director Sgt. Joe Miceli update Weston on the COVID-19 crisis, advise on safety, and discuss new Town communication tools.

See the video.

OEM: Weston Resident Dies of COVID-19 Illness

March 25, 2020

From the Weston Office of Emergency Management:

We regret to inform you that one of our community members has succumbed to his illness caused by COVID-19.

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Fatal Car Crash on Goodhill Road

March 25, 2020

Nanette Charny, 61, of Weston, was the victim of a fatal car accident on Monday, March 23.

Weston emergency responders were dispatched after a 911 call reported a partially submerged vehicle in a pond on Goodhill Road. Anyone with information is asked to contact Weston Police at (203) 222-2600.

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Lachat Closes

March 25, 2020

Lachat Town Farm has closed, due to increased traffic and concern that visitors may not practice safe social distancing.

Events, including the farm's spring Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for April 4, have been canceled.

The birdhouse competition is still on!

Urgent Appeal from Weston EMS

March 23, 2020

An open letter from EMS President Jon Weingarten:

"This is a letter I could never have imagined writing. We are making an URGENT appeal for help."

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Devil's Den Closed

March 23, 2020

The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut has closed Devil's Den.

The Conservancy says this is due to a dramatic increase in visits, large groups congregating without social distancing, and to visitors not heeding requests to not park where emergency access would be blocked.

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OEM Bulletin: March 23

March 23, 2020

10:00 am bulletin from Weston's Office of Emergency Management:

Synopsis: two new COVID-19 cases are reported in Weston. While not informed prior to public release, OEM is working to obtain more comprehensive data, believes the number will be higher, and urges you to continue practicing social distancing.

Read the full bulletin.

A Note About Trout Brook

March 23, 2020

Aspetuck Land Trust's preserves are still open, but Trout Brook Valley is getting a lot of traffic.

The Trust urges you to leave your dog at home, keep your distance from others, and suggests you try other, possibly less crowded, preserves they manage.

They don't want to have to close Trout Brook.

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First Weston COVID-19 Confirmed

March 20, 2020

In a brief video statement, First Selectman Chris Spaulding announced the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Weston.

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Weston Education Foundation Announces Teacher Award

March 20, 2020

The Weston Education Foundation has a new teacher honor: the Elizabeth W. Stokes Founder’s Award.

It recognizes and rewards a teacher who has provided a unique or unusual experience outside the classroom to Weston students.

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First CT Fatality, Lamont Orders Malls Closed

March 18, 2020

This afternoon on the steps of the State Capitol, a somber Governor Ned Lamont announced the first fatality in Connecticut from complications related to the COVID-19 virus.

Earlier in the day, the governor ordered the closing of indoor portions of large shopping malls, bowling alleys, and amusement parks.

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Two Great Ways to Help

March 17, 2020

You can help Weston Social Services help neighbors in need at this difficult time.

Also, the Red Cross has a severe shortage of blood right now.

Blood drives have been canceled, but you can still make an appointment and donate.

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Spaulding, Miceli: March 16 Update

March 16, 2020

In a 5-minute video report, First Selectman Chris Spaulding and Sgt. Joe Miceli of Weston OEM update citizens on the declaration of a Weston emergency, the importance of avoiding contact, even outdoors, and the need to be aware of potential stress on the healthcare system.

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Spaulding Declares Emergency

March 16, 2020

First Selectman Chris Spaulding has declared a state of emergency in Weston.

His formal declaration essentially extends State and national declarations related to the COVID-19 crisis.

In Westport, First Selectman Jim Marpe also declared an emergency, and reported 20 new confirmed cases.

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Governors Announce Additional Restrictions, Concerned about Healthcare

March 16, 2020

The governors of Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey announced a common set of rules. In all three states, restaurants cannot offer in-house dining. Bars, movie theaters, gyms, and casinos are closed. Public gatherings are limited to 50 people.

"We are badly outgunned," said Governor Ned Lamont.

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All Schools, Most DMVs to Close. Restaurants, Bars May Be Next

March 15, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont ordered all public schools closed until at least March 31, authorized DMV closings, will explore bar and restaurant closings.

Towns may have flexibility in budget votes, small businesses may qualify for low-interest loans, some business tax deadlines are extended. And more.

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Spaulding, Miceli on COVID-19 Response

March 12, 2020

First Selectman Chris Spaulding and Weston Office of Emergency Management Director Sgt. Joe Miceli discuss the decision to close Weston schools and Town facilities to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Our video report, about 5 minutes.

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Lamont Modifies 180-Day School Year, Restricts Events

March 12, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont modified the State rule requiring 180 days of classroom instruction and ordered a prohibition on events with over 250 people.

Dr. Matthew Cartter, the State's chief epidemiologist, said he expects "in the next month, 20 percent of the Connecticut population will have this."

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Schools, Town Offices Close

March 11, 2020

Weston's public schools and key facilities are closed until further notice after the discovery of possible exposure to coronavirus COVID-19.

This afternoon, First Selectman Chris Spaulding and Emergency Management Director Sergeant Joe Miceli activated the town's emergency operations center.

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Lamont Declares Emergency, Spaulding Urges Social Distancing

March 10, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont today declared a state of emergency in Connecticut, invoking two statutes that give him power to modify or suspend regulations that interfere with protecting public health.

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Lamont Confers with Local Leaders, Places Restrictions

March 9, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont's conference call with municipal leaders was "sobering, but highly informative," said First Selectman Chris Spaulding.

The governor also announced another case, forbade State travel, discouraged meetings, and urged students not to travel for break. DPH placed restrictions on nursing home visits.

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Questions, News in Finance Board Reviews

March 9, 2020

In budget review meetings last week, the Board of Finance appeared to signal a willingness to increase road maintenance funds and heard encouraging news about a major school district expense.

Some members objected to certain budget measures by both the Town and school administrations.

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Spaulding Convenes Coronavirus Task Force

March 6, 2020

On March 5, First Selectman Chris Spaulding convened a meeting of medical and emergency response officials to coordinate readiness plans for the possibility of coronavirus cases appearing in Weston.

This story has been updated since initial publication.

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Lamont Urges Following New CDC Guidance

March 4, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont is urging that Connecticut residents who have recently traveled to certain countries follow new guidance from CDC and avoid non-essential travel to those countries.

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State, Town, Schools Prepare for Coronavirus

February 27, 2020

Governor Ned Lamont told reporters in Hartford that the Centers for Disease Control had "upped the ante" on the coronavirus from "a position of containment to mitigation."

"It's no good pretending it's not going to come," said Dr. Matthew Cartter, the State's chief epidemiologist.

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Other Recent News

A defamation lawsuit against the school board and officials seeks millions.

How volunteer firefighters keep Weston safe.

Lang's Pharmacy closes, citing benefits managers.

Speak Up: what we learned.

Links to all previous articles can be found in our Previously section. Thanks for reading Weston Today.