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On March 19, restrictions ease on capacities. Not really back to 100 percent, certainly not back to normal. But gaining on it.

Plans for sidewalks have developed for years and will continue to. But things are happening now.

Covid Reports

Updated Friday, March 5  Click for our latest charts depicting where things stand. New reports are published every weekday evening.

Fairfield County's metrics continue to improve, but Weston cases continue to creep up. The town has returned to the Red Alert map.

Weather & Events

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Upcoming Events section highlights: Talks about transportation and art. Also a program about what used to be the village of Valley Forge.

Restrictions Set to Relax on March 19

March 5, 2021

Beginning on March 19, capacity and travel restrictions are set to ease, as announced by the governor.

In principle, restaurants, stores, personal services and others can operate at 100 percent capacity. In practice, not quite.

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Vaccination Availability

Updated March 7, 2021

Those age 55 and above are eligible for vaccination appointments.

Systems are up and running. Appointments are available, sometimes requiring persistence and patience as demand continues to exceed supply. Here is the latest information we have found about several key vaccination providers.

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The Lost Village of Valley Forge, March 14

March 5, 2021

Deep in the cool waters of the Saugatuck Reservoir lie the remains of the village of Valley Forge, once a small but successful manufacturing center, seized in the 1930s.

On Sunday afternoon, March 14, author James Lomuscio tells the story.

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Also in the News


Signups are open a little while longer for Babe Ruth Prep Travel Baseball, ages 13–14.

A drive-by and walk-up celebration as Bob Turner turns 100.

How hot is Weston real estate? See what some well-known realtors have to say.

Vaccinations Open for 55+, Restrictions to Ease

March 2, 2021

Vaccination appointments for those 55 and older have become available, with predictable system strains.

J&J's vaccine is on its way to the state, teachers can get the shot this week, and Governor Ned Lamont expects to announce eased restrictions.

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Susan Granger At The Movies

March 1, 2021

Susan Granger reviews “The Father,” with Anthony Hopkins as an 80-year-old trying to come to terms with dementia.

Also, “The White Tiger,” a rags-to-riches story of a rascal in India’s caste system, and Rachel Brosnahan in the neo-noir crime thriller “I’m Your Woman.”

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Congratulations to Weston High School student Shea Frimmer, named to the Westport Country Playhouse Youth Council.

Congratulations to Heather Halpin, on the Ohio University Dean's List.

Tip of the hat to Jennifer Purcell, on Endicott's Dean's List.

Lachat Town Farm's MLK Day of Service produced hundreds of kindness bags for children.


Nils A. Kindwall, of Jupiter, Florida, died peacefully on February 15, 2021, surrounded by his loving family. He was 97. Full obituary.

Lyn Mack, 67, of Mesa, Arizona, passed away suddenly from acute peritonitis on Friday, January 29, 2021. Full obituary.

Joan Anne Weinstein, 85, a longtime resident of Weston, passed away on January 23, 2021 at Norwalk Hospital of Covid-19. Full obituary.

Previous obituaries

Help EMS Help You: Clear the Way

March 2, 2021

Although spring is almost upon us, winter may still rear its ugly head.

So please remember to keep your driveways and sidewalks cleared of snow and ice and your garage accessible to help avoid unnecessary accidents.

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Life Coaching: Do We Fully Understand What It Is?

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Everyone is familiar with coaching (sports, business, personal trainers). However, few people fully understand what life coaching is.

This article, the first of a series, explains what life coaching is and what life coaches do.

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February Property Transfers

March 1, 2021

19 Weston homes changed hands in February, a 58 percent increase in home sales from the same month last year.

Real estate agents report that inventory remains remarkably low. The total value of homes sold in February was $19,146,875.

See the transfers.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing: FAQ

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People may be looking for more information about COVID-19, particularly if they have been exposed to it and if they have any type of protection against the virus. AFC Urgent Care Norwalk is offering antibody testing for asymptomatic patients to test for COVID-19 antibodies.

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Larry Roberts Selected as Communications Center Director

March 1, 2021

The Board of Selectmen voted to hire Larry Roberts, a 28-year resident, as director of Weston’s communications center.

A veteran member of the WVFD, Mr. Roberts was most recently Deputy Fire Chief in Greenwich.

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Sidewalks: the Big Picture

February 26, 2021

Plans for a network of sidewalks in the center of town have developed piece by piece over several years. This is a catch-up on the big picture and where things stand.

The Town administration has been chasing and winning millions in grants. Word just in on the biggest.

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Selectmen Send Slightly-Revised Budgets to Board of Finance

February 25, 2021

The Selectmen voted to send budget requests to the Board of Finance with adjustments that increase the Town’s operating budget by 2.82 percent.

Now the Town administration has to figure out how to hold an Annual Town Budget Meeting. It's tricky.

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About Town

When will we be free to once again interact with people close up? When will we vanquish the COVID-19 virus?

No one knows for sure. There has to come a time when we can meet again face to face. Without masks and 30 foot separation distance from one another. And shake hands.

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Town Budget Request Up 2.7%, Major Capital Items

February 24, 2021

The First Selectman's budget request for next fiscal year calls for increased Town operating funds and significant investment in capital items.

Known and potential offsets would greatly reduce the large capital expenditure bottom line.

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Nils A. Kindwall, 97

February 23, 2021

Nils A. Kindwall died peacefully on February 15, 2021, surrounded by his loving family due to complications of post-polio syndrome.

For nearly three decades, since moving to Weston in 1960, Mr. Kindwall was one of the most prominent members of the community.

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Mary Kaddis, Vegan Baker, Entrepreneur

February 22, 2021

“There’s a myth that vegan food isn’t good, but vegan desserts prove that this couldn’t be farther from the truth,” says Mary Kaddis, Weston High School sophomore.

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Sports Restrictions Ease, Vaccine Supply Grows

February 19, 2021

Connecticut’s Covid metrics continue to improve, so Governor Ned Lamont has eased restrictions on youth athletics.

Vaccine supplies are improving as well.

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Q&A with Congressman Jim Himes: a Recap

February 19, 2021

In a live Q&A, Congressman Jim Himes answered questions from the community ranging from his experience during the Capitol riot to the proposed stimulus bill, climate change, and more.

We present the 30-minute video and a summary of what Mr. Himes had to say.

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Lamont Gets the Shot, Enlists Faith Leaders

February 16, 2021

Governor Ned Lamont was given his first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine at The First Cathedral church Bloomfield.

The choice of location is symbolic of efforts to enlist faith leaders to increase confidence in the safety of the vaccines.

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Darcy Barrera Hawes Sworn In

February 16, 2021

Darcy Barrera Hawes was sworn in this morning as Democratic Registrar of Voters by Town Clerk Donna Anastasia.

Ms. Hawes served as deputy to Mike Zegers, who stepped down earlier this month. She will serve alongside Republican Registrar Tammy Roberts.

Friends, Family Celebrate Bob Turner's 100th

February 14, 2021

The Weston Senior Center was the scene of a drive-by celebration on February 14 by friends and family of Bob Turner.

The occasion? Mr. Turner’s 100th birthday.

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Cooking for the Chinese New Year

February 12, 2021

Thanks to the Weston Commission for the Arts and Chef Alison Milwe Grace, you can celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Ox with a traditional Chinese feast.

In a video, Chef Alison steps you through the making of three traditional lucky dishes. Recipes included.

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Agreement Near for Sale of Fromson-Strassler

February 9, 2021

A sale price for the Fromson-Strassler property has been agreed upon by the Town of Weston and the Aspetuck Land Trust. Other terms of the deal are expected to be resolved soon.

The sale must ultimately be approved by voters.

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65 and Above Eligible for Vaccination

February 8, 2021

Governor Ned Lamont announced that, as of February 11, those age 65 and above are eligible for a Covid-19 vaccination appointment.

We have registration links, but with 350,000 more residents eligible, patience will be required.

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Zegers Steps Down as Registrar

February 8, 2021

Mike Zegers, the Democratic Registrar of Voters highly regarded on both sides of the aisle, announced his resignation effective February 14.

First Selectman Chris Spaulding hailed Mr. Zegers for his years of service to the town.

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Shopping Center Plan Coming

February 5, 2021

We look forward to an upcoming in-depth interview, date to be determined, with a representative of the owners of the Weston Shopping Center.

We will discuss the forthcoming multi-tenant replacement plan and more.

Christopher Plummer: A Tribute from the Playhouse

February 5, 2021

Legendary actor Christopher Plummer died this morning in his Weston home at the age of 91.

In this contributed article, the Westport Country Playhouse, where he was a key figure, pays tribute.

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Cobb's Mill Inn Suitor Emerges

February 2, 2021

The latest expression of interest in purchasing Cobb’s Mill Inn, by Kleber Siguenza, a restauranteur and Weston resident, emerged at an informational P&Z meeting on Monday.

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Letters to the Editor

January 31, 2021

S.W. Martin writes with regret about the closing of Peter's Weston Market.

The Republican Town Committee denounces domestic terrorism, no matter the source.

Letters to the Editor

Weston Schools to Receive Emergency Relief Funds

February 1, 2021

The Weston Public School district will receive $228,541 in federal funds.

According to State Senator Will Haskell, the money is intended to help school districts keep students and staff healthy and mitigate learning loss caused by the pandemic.

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The Real Pets of Weston

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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to a handsome young hound named Pete!

This pup is still growing and has wiggles and wags to spare. It’s pretty much impossible not to share in his enthusiasm.

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Board of Education Reduces Budget Request

January 28, 2021

Weston’s Board of Education approved a revised operating budget request, reducing the ask from a 3.81 percent increase to a 2.68 percent rise.

The Board had to add some budget items, but cut many worth substantially more, including one the members grappled with.

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Vaccination Clinic at Weston Senior Center Serves Over 200

January 29, 2021

A Health District vaccination clinic at Weston Senior Center drew over 200 participants.

The Senior Center helps register those eligible, elected officials came for a look, and vaccine supplies are about to increase.

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Peter's Market Closes

January 27, 2021

Peter’s Weston Market, a town institution, closed its doors on Sunday, January 31, a result of a long-standing eviction action.

The market was served with a notice to quit the premises in March due to nonpayment of rent, but action was delayed while courts were closed.

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75 and Up: How to Get the Vaccination

January 27, 2021

Those age 75 and above are currently eligible to arrange an appointment to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

There are three ways to schedule one: online directly, by telephone, or with a healthcare system. And the Senior Center can help navigating the system.

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Sen. Haskell on Zoom at Noon: a Recap

January 25, 2021

State Senator Will Haskell joined us on Sunday for a live Zoom at Noon, answering questions from the public about a wide range of topics.

We have a summary, and an index of the topics covered on the video so you can easily scrub to those that interest you most.

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Harvey F. Bellin, 76

January 23, 2021

Harvey Bellin, a longtime Weston resident, Democratic party stalwart, environmental activist, author, and television producer and director, passed away on January 22 at the age of 76.

Mr. Bellin won an Emmy award for directing “The Outlivers,” a tongue-in-cheek history of the town.

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Lamont Provides More Clarity on Phase 1B

January 19, 2021

Governor Ned Lamont provided more clarity about how Phase 1B of Covid-19 vaccinations will unfold over the next few weeks.

Phase 1B contains roughly 1.4 million people. There will be a group-by-group rollout, with much depending on supply.

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Weston Real Estate: Still Hot

January 15, 2021

In a video interview and summary, we followed up with top realtors to find out the latest about Weston real estate sales and home values.

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Stop the Spread: EMS Urges Flu Shots

January 10, 2021

EMS and other emergency responders have received the Covid-19 vaccine, providing protection for members and helping to ensure they will be there when you call.

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Vaccination Registration Opens for Age 75 and Up

January 14, 2021

Connecticut residents age 75 and up can now register with the state's Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Registration is available online. A telephone registration system is becoming operational.

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Administration Requests 3.81% Schools Budget Increase

January 12, 2021

Budget season officially began with a request by the school district administration for a 3.81 percent operating budget increase.

The district has found savings in several areas but is also experiencing higher costs in major categories. Nearby districts are in the same position.

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Lamont Deploys Guard Troops to D.C.

January 12, 2021

At the request of the United States National Guard, Governor Ned Lamont authorized the deployment of more than 100 members of the Connecticut National Guard to Washington, D.C.

The deployment includes military police and dog teams trained to detect explosives.

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Rep. Hughes on Zoom at Noon, a Recap

January 10, 2021

State Representative Anne Hughes joined us for a live Q&A Zoom at Noon on Sunday, January 10.

Topics covered a wide range.The video is indexed in case you only want to see certain parts of the conversation.

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Covid-19 UK Variant Present in Connecticut

January 7, 2021

Two cases of the new, highly transmissible variant of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Connecticut.

The individuals are between the ages of 15 and 25. Both reside in New Haven County. Both recently traveled. But genetic testing indicates the cases are unrelated.

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Improved AT&T Cell Coverage on the Way

January 4, 2021

A new cell tower near Lyons Plain Road will improve reception and coverage for AT&T mobile users when construction is finished in the spring.

AT&T customers and first responders will finally encounter fewer dead zones. Construction has begun.

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