“What’s Next in Weston”

Photo: Weston Today

In a podcast by Dick Kalt of the Y’s Men of Westport-Weston, First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor is joined by Public Safety Communications Director Larry Roberts in part two of a discussion about planned improvements to Weston’s land mobile radio system.

Part 1 of the discussion can be heard here.

The project, Ms. Nestor says, will cost millions, but without tax implications as funds would be drawn from town reserves. Public hearings and a Special Town Meeting will be held for public approval.

Mr. Roberts says whichever option is ultimately chosen, the equipment will be rugged and stable. He says an annual fee approach will provide for continuous upgrades, eliminating the prospect of obsolescence.

New editions of the podcast appear on Mondays, alternating between Ms. Nestor and Westport First Selectwoman Jen Tooker.

Part one of the discussion can be found here.

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