Covid-19: Where We Are

In this video report, the top officers of Weston, Easton, Redding, and the Westport Weston Health District discuss today’s sobering Covid-19 metrics.

Weston First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor is joined by Easton First Selectman David Bindelglass, Redding First Selectwoman Julia Pemberton, and Mark Cooper and Mike Vincelli of the Westport Weston Health District.

In our daily Covid Report for December 23, metrics for new cases in Weston and the average number of new daily cases in Fairfield County reached unprecedented levels. The numbers do not include “the cases we don’t know about,” said Mr. Cooper.

The health district director said 41 percent of new cases are breakthrough infections of people already vaccinated, although their illnesses are of “reduced severity.”

Mr. Cooper said those infected range in age from one year-olds to 77 years, but continue to get younger on average, with students accounting for 35 percent of the cases in the health district’s most recent reporting period. Students do not appear to be contracting the disease in classrooms.

To the question of “why now?,” Mr. Cooper cited the Omicron variant’s rapid incubation period, as little as two or three days, which means it can be spread “before you even know you have it.”

In addition, “we’ve let down our guard,” he said.

To that point, each First Selectperson discussed the importance of masks, exercising caution in private settings, and mask requirements in their towns.

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