Library Trustees Refute False Claims

Late last week, an email was sent to some in the community from an anonymous source purporting to be “advocates” for the Weston Public Library.

The email contained false, inflated claims about the Library’s proposed budget.

On March 7, the officers of the Library’s Board of Trustees issued the following statement.

From: The Officers of the Weston Public Library Board of Trustees
March 7, 2021

The Officers of the Weston Public Library (“WPL”) Board of Trustees and the Friends of the Weston Library are aware of an email received last Thursday by many residents in our community from an entity calling itself Advocates for the Weston Library.

Neither the Board of the WPL nor the Friends of the WPL had any involvement with this email, and we have no knowledge as to who the sender is.

Unfortunately, the email disseminated incorrect information as to the size of the library’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2021-2022.

If you would like to see the Library’s proposed budget, it may be found on the Town’s website at:

The Library’s operating budget and supporting documents (#28) are on pages 190-205; the proposed capital budget request is on page 241.

The Library Board and the Friends want to recognize and thank the members of the Board of Selectmen for their continued support of the Library throughout the past years and during the budget process.

Contact: Amy Sanborn, Secretary

For your convenience, as an alternative to the link provided in statement, you can view and download the Library’s proposed operating budget here. It contains line-by-line detail about costs and information about the business of operating the Library.

Also for your convenience, the list of Town and school district capital expenditures proposed for next year can be viewed and downloaded here. One line, for $225,000, is the final installment of funds to repair the Library’s roof.

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