Property Transfers

Property Transfers, November 2019

Patricia J Gray to Heidi G Ryan, 25 Covenant Lane. $50,000.

Patrick H & Gina O Beranek to Toni Anne P Reamer Tr., 41 Rogues Ridge. $1,350,000.

Lukasz H Thieme to Debra E & Jose R Crespi Jr., 9 November Trail. $1,075,000.

Norman R and Beverley E Vincent to Leslie and Peter Cawley, 62 High Noon Road. $510,000.

Sebastian S Smater to Michael & Patricia McCarthy, 24 Birch Hill Road. $560,000.

Mallory & Kristin Brooks to Greg & Kristen Russo, 2 Aspetuck Glenn. $1,300,000.

Steven T and Susan H Gersh to Jean and Saulat Chaudhry, 50 Greenlea Lane. $944,000.

First Equity Investment Partners LP to Jonathan Rogers, 142 Steep Hill Road. $60,000.

Ronald M Dickerman to Jonathan Dillon Rogers, 140 Steep Hill Road. $165,000.

Thelma Toby Heller Est. to David & Julie Alter Wechsler, 69 Kellogg Hill Road. $500,000.

Ian B Merris to Trevor T & Oksana Ballou, 33 Steep Hill Road. $375,000.

Gregory & Kristen Russo to Kate Beckwith Garey, 67 Lords Highway. $840,000.

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