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Know Your Town

The League of Women Voters publishes a Know Your Town Directory containing contact information for every department at Town Hall and the names of all major board, commission, and committee members. View and download a PDF right here. (Updated December 4, 2019.)

Opportunities: Town Committees

Public Notice: The Board of Selectmen seeks candidates for the following vacancy:

Board of Education – 1 vacancy *

Interested parties may contact the Selectman’s Office at (203) 222-2656 or send an email to

* Note that according to our Town Charter, all boards and commissions need to be politically balanced. The BOE has 7 seats, 4 of which are currently filled by registered Democrats. At this time, we cannot consider any new candidates that are registered with the Democratic Party.

Public Notice: The Board of Selectmen gives Public Notice of the vacancies and terms expiring on 12/31/19 on the following Boards and Commissions:

Commission on Aging: 4 expiring terms, 1 vacancy.

Board of Assessment Appeals: 1 expiring term, 1 vacancy.

Building Board of Appeals: 2 expiring terms.

Commission on Children & Youth: 1 expiring term.

Conservation Commission: 2 expiring terms.

Board of Ethics: 3 expiring terms, 1 vacancy.

Historic District Commission: 1 expiring term, 1 vacancy.

Lachat Town Farm Commission: 3 expiring terms.

Library Board: 2 expiring terms, 2 vacancies.

Marketing & Communications Advisory Committee: 7 expiring terms.

Panel of Moderators: 3 expiring terms.

Parks and Recreation Commission: 2 expiring terms.

Public Works Advisory Committee: 7 vacancies.

Survey Research Committee: 5 expiring terms.

Veteran’s Affairs Committee: 2 vacancies.

Interested parties may contact the Selectman’s Office at (203) 222-2656 or send an email to

Property Transfers

November 2019 Property Transfers

Patricia J Gray to Heidi G Ryan, 25 Covenant Lane. $50,000.

Patrick H & Gina O Beranek to Toni Anne P Reamer Tr., 41 Rogues Ridge. $1,350,000.

Lukasz H Thieme to Debra E & Jose R Crespi Jr., 9 November Trail. $1,075,000.

Norman R and Beverley E Vincent to Leslie and Peter Cawley, 62 High Noon Road. $510,000.

Sebastian S Smater to Michael & Patricia McCarthy, 24 Birch Hill Road. $560,000.

Mallory & Kristin Brooks to Greg & Kristen Russo, 2 Aspetuck Glenn. $1,300,000.

Steven T and Susan H Gersh to Jean and Saulat Chaudhry, 50 Greenlea Lane. $944,000.

First Equity Investment Partners LP to Jonathan Rogers, 142 Steep Hill Road. $60,000.

Ronald M Dickerman to Jonathan Dillon Rogers, 140 Steep Hill Road. $165,000.

Thelma Toby Heller Est. to David & Julie Alter Wechsler, 69 Kellogg Hill Road. $500,000.

Ian B Merris to Trevor T & Oksana Ballou, 33 Steep Hill Road. $375,000.

Gregory & Kristen Russo to Kate Beckwith Garey, 67 Lords Highway. $840,000.

October 2019 Property Transfers

John & Helaina DiMartino to Eric Simmons & George Fernandes, 33 Osborn Farm Road. $450,000.

Vivian Perlis Est. to OKIE88 LLC, 139 Good Hill Road. $520,000.

Kurt W. Brower & Hege Dammen to Timothy & Debra Martin, 28 Partridge Lane. $1,600,000.

Steven Needham to Omar Sevilla, 251 Newtown Tpk. $367,500.

Estate of Jon F Anderson to William Ortega-Pinzon & Judith Ortega, 73 Birch Hill Road. $575,000.

11 Old Hyde Rd LLC to Adam S Halberg & Jennifer M Terra, 11 Old Hyde Road. $1,515,000.

Diana Sheila Mary Lewis Trust FBO Lena Nardelli to Alon Rosenthal & Abbi Levine, 5 Tower Drive. $627,000.

Jonathan D Seymour & Emily Seymour to Steven T Gersh & Susan H Gersh, 25 Twin Walls Lane. $1,610,000.

David & Pamela Allon to Ann T Dachs, 7 Birch Hill Road. $850,000.

Sasa Mahr-Batuz to Philip Salinger, 9 Hackberry Hill Road. $1,600,000.

Elaine C Whelton Est. to Garrett J & Kaitlyn M Bernz, 34A Georgetown Road. $163,500.

Edward & Ann Day to Richard Whitehead, 41 Blueberry Hill Road. $499,000.

Marjorie a Zaremba Est. to Clorasteen A Wilson & Garrett M Gobillot, 136 Steephill Road. $440,000.

September 2019 Property Transfers

Chestnut Farm LLC to Chestnut Farm Holdings LLC, 227 Lyons Plain Road. $2,160,000.

Gerry W & Barbara A Van Geyzel to William A Florio Jr & Dinara Maksa, 12 Dogwood Lane. $1,612,500.

Alisan B Goldfarb to Tomasz Ryzner & Anna Ryzner, 26 Ladder Hill South. $400,000.

US Bank National Association to Albert Jensen Moulton, 21 Saw Mill Road. $183,225.

Richard J & Stephanie V Rapp to Mequittaahuja & Brian W Weir, 374 Good Hill Road. $680,000.

Bank Of America NA to Justin & Jamal Calderaro, 21 Blueberry Hill Road. $257,625.

Christopher M Brown to Barry W and Lynda J Langsam, 37 Farrell Road. $575,000.

Keith Gallant Trustee to Jean-Claude Oligario & Tracey Koziol, 31 Hemlock Ridge Road. $1,110,000.

Alysia Benninghoff to Michael & Maire Butler, 46 Powder Horn Hill Road. $735,000.

Rober C Kaeser Jr Est to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 69 Lyons Plain Road. $401,232.53.

Caroline & Charlotte Mortensen-Harris to Robert & Denise Mozdean, 61 Georgetown Road. $990,000.

Kenneth Miller to Ahmed Klink, 18 Curiosity Lane. $425,000.

Daniel Doak & Thomas Zoubek to Crytal Maruszak, 32 Old Georgetown Road. $287,500.

Julie Mountain to Marco & Katherine Parente, 17 Kettle Creek Road. $1,350,000.

Sean & Emilie Roberts Hannon to Patricia & Daniel Gerroll, 11 Goodhill Road. $590,000.

Simon A Verney to Chunyang Wang, 91 Treadwell Lane. $609,200.

Margaret G. Buddenhagen to Christopher M Brown, 3 Smith Ridge Road. $1,150,000.

Maureen D Lawler to Oleg Ilichev & Alfia Ilicheva, 20 Ridge Lane. $2,000,000.

Daniel Charles Price et al to Nature Conservancy, Osborn/Grey Fox (Land). $2,000,000.

August 2019 Property Transfers

Timothy P Donnelly to David Paul Plisky & Suzanna Chen, 42 Blue Spruce Circle. $660,000.

Andrew R & Maureen Powers Berliner to Lowell P McLinskey & Diana L Morgan, 9 Fern Valley Road. $905,000.

Michael J & Randi Cannon to Aiden JG Cassidy & Charles L Teti, 12 Norfield Farm Lane. $1,515,250.

Abramson Lewis Family Trust to Glenn M & Shannon L Buggy, 97 Lords Highway. $1,275,000.

Ian Bradley to Stephen & Veronica Lancin, 23 Birch Hill Road. $799,000.

Edward & Sheila Stolarski to Robert & Kristen Lengyel, 64 Treadwell Lane. $1,090,000.

FEC Enterprises LLC to Jessica Rave Garcia, 9 Meadowbrook Lane. $415,000.

Nancy Wright to Donna Hughes & Mary Ellen Hayes, Old Hyde Road (Land). $0.

Laura A & William Keith Watanabe to Marcus & Leila Velez Hespanha, 335 Georgetown Road. $1,027,500.

Michele B Feuerhake Tr. to Ryan & Nicole Verlin, 14 Old Redding Road. $760,000.

Deborah B Merberg to Kevin & Kornelia Thomas, 37 Tall Pines Dr. $1,200,000.

Jay P & Lisa A Singer to Morakot Masokas & James McCarthy, 28 Indian Valley Road. $780,000.

Jonathan H & Linda S Gelfand to Christopher T Roper & Nancy E Taylor, 41 Hidden Meadow Road. $747,500.

Elizabeth L And John Markham to Franklin T Allen & Kimberly K Duran, 29 Salem Road. $685,100.

Richard P Manero to Alan J Morris & Jeffrey Harper, 44 Hackberry Hill Road. $625,000.

Jack & Joan Lipson to Katherine Roe & Gavin Guerra, 38 High Noon Road. $520,000.

Stephen & Kathleen Quinn to Amber Brody, 24 Tubbs Spring Dr. $789,000.

Cedar Builders LLC to Michael A & Reina A Grunberg, 31 Hidden Spring Dr. $1,400,000.

Philip A Glantz to William J & Robin G Seymour, 160 Old Redding Road. $620,000.

Elyse D Sherman to Phillip Vasquez & Maribel Torres Colon, 17 Cricket Lane. $404,500.

July 2019 Property Transfers

Howard J Aibel Est to Michael W Klemens, 183 Steep Hill Road. $775,000.

Barbara Blum Shaw to Russell L & Christinaa Spieler, 83 Steep Hill Road. $1,225,000.

Lee M Arthurs to David Miller, 35 Greenlea Lane (part in Westport). $1,079,000.

Russell L Spieler to Ineska Antolos Klauber & Gordon Klauber, 270 Newtown Tpk. $725,000.

Est of David R Smith to Keri & Lavi Ben-Zvi, 7 Cedar Hills. $563,000.

Barbara J Solomon to Beverly and Nicole Morgan, 17 Timber Mill Lane. $685,000.

Nigel & Juliet Frost to Daniel P & Cecile J Tomaselli, 290 Georgetown Road. $625,000.

Stuart and Vanessa Hendry to Robert and Kimbria Hardy, 41 Black Alder Lane Wilton. $925,000.

Steven and Nicholle Delorez to Navid Arefi, 53 Merry Lane. $585,000.

Veronica C Fulling to Aaron Scott & Dena Elisheva Tolkin, 62 Kettle Creek Road. $635,000.

Douglas H & Patricia D Stuebe to Caio Goncalves & Lindsay Porter, 5 Buttonball Lane. $585,000.

Dennis H Tracey III & Marcia J Hamelin to Bryan & Melissa Young, 18 Echo Hill Road. $1,150,000.

Daniel & Eleana McNeill to Jeffrey & Morgan Paul, 9 Steep Hill Road. $685,000.

Jane Beth Rogelberg to Dustin & Alyssa Ackerman, 17 Blue Spruce Circle. $450,000.

Robert L & Barbara M Rosiello to Paul & Lauren Gojkovich, 55 Davis Hill Road. $1,875,000.

Richard & Marianne Frisch to Jorge & Morgan Bermudez, 50 September Lane. $628,800.

Robert E & Karen M Mitchell to Elizabeth Kauffmann, 13 Joanne Lane. $1,255,000.

Lori E Dibartholomeo to Javier A Solano & Rebecca W Berg, 10 High Meadow Road. $1,025,000.

Deborah Gore to Joshua Babb, 10 Old Farm Lane. $700,000.

Kevin Shea and Kimberly Blake Trustees to Matthew and Kate Burke, 166 Good Hill Road. $1,249,000.

Craig S Panzirer to Gregory Hutton & Laura Anton, 57 Catbrier Road. $1,162,000.

Stephen and Jill Champtaloup to Ronald and Beth Schwartz, 37 Langner Lane. $714,500.

Michael and Renea Flooks to John Jr and Erica Stadnyk, 48 Lords Hwy. East. $1,100,000.

Byron A & Marita A Wein to 4 Forest Road LLC, 4 Forest Road. $914,520.

Andrew Norman Friedman Jr Est to Gregory J Pepe, 19 Old Mill Road. $425,000.

Gary J Gubner to Walter & Aria Simpson, 31 Rogues Ridge. $620,000.

Mountainview Court LLC to Peter and Elizabeth Lunde, 8 Norfield Woods Road (Land). $315,000.

Mel and Joan Sokotch to Peter and Jolynn Hamann, 4 Garden Road. $899,000.

Walter and Sara Squire to Tien Minh Tran & Katrin J Wesolowski, 43 Salem Road. $860,000.

Christopher & Sarah Thomas Heathsfield to Lauren & Micahel Ehrlich, 60 Ridge Road. $1,300,000.

Linda S Brown to Bank Of America NA, 21 Blueberry Hill Road. $367,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Insource East Properties Inc, 44 Powder Horn Hill Road. $287,999.

Dario & Maria Dasilva to Jonathan A Dean, 38 Ledgewood Drive. $610,000.

Jack L & Molly W Williams to Judith A & Richard Drago, 12 Messex Lane. $635,000.

Eva Chu to Renard & Mary Francois, 73 Kellogg Hill Road. $942,000.

Suzanne Flynn Orefice to Lukasz H Thieme, 211 Georgetown Road. $565,000.

Alberto B & Laura M Casellas to Jay Feinberg & Patrick Savoy, 11 September Lane. $745,000.

June 2019 Property Transfers

David H & Lisa M Rowe to Rudy Perez, 59 Old Farm Road. $523,000.

Peter & Allison De Boer to Justine Landegger & Thomas Boe Wiegaard, 38 Langner Lane. $2,135,000.

William F Lacy Trust to Janet Parmar, 30 White Birch Road. $850,000.

Karen & Angelo Giordano to M&T Bank, 5 Godfrey Road. $721,945.44.

Wild Things Development LLC to Gary C Marma Jr & Valerie Marma, 82 Weston Woods Way. $430,000.

Heather R Dillon to Lauren Mattera & Stephen Arcamone, 10 Dillon Pass (Land). $155,000.

Doris RP Mundschenk Est. to Krzysztof Skowronski & Beata Bos, 222 Georgetown Road. $376,000.

Jaroslaw Kokot to Gregg M Kirkman & Erin L Tiska, 93 Blue Spruce Circle. $510,000.

Anthony R Daddona & Stein Pederson to Shane Kelley & Emily Elizabeth Kelley, 37 Grays Farm Road. $862,000.

Sabyasachi & Barbara Basu Mullick to Edmund J & Wendy J Ferdinand, 2 Arrowhead Way. $1,200,000.

Edmund & Wendy Ferdinand to David Johnson & Maura Conway, 2 Old Rock Road. $880,000.

Brian R Lara to Matthew & Grace Mintz, 25 Hidden Meadow Road. $582,600.

Kevin & Tara Tanzer to Mark & Amanda Mihelic, 98 Kellogg Hill Road. $850,000.

May 2019 Property Transfers

Leslie A Powell to Elodie & Steve Tarantino, 45 Hemlock Ridge Rd. $1,300,000.

Lori Elkins to Maryanne & Shaan Bhojwani, 3 Narrow Brook Rd. $830,000.

Allen & Lorraine Noveck Trustees to Andrew M Timbers & Minta Nester, 21 & 25 Hemlock Ridge Rd. $1,700,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA TR to Richard & Patricia Muttick, 81 Blue Spruce Circle. $227,950.

Laura & Steven Krippner to Nicholas Mitsios Nosel Christina Seeber, 129 Goodhill Rd. $575,000.

Stephen M Sander to Bruce & Mona Brown, 20 Broad Street. $2,800,000.

Mark & Lynn Barber to Justin & Blaire Scheier, 48 Singing Oaks Dr. $15,000.

Samuel Masterson & Ellen Flink to Lamont Gonzalez and Genevieve Morales, 267 Newtown Tpk. $425,500.

Suzan M & John C Diaz to Gordon W & Katrin Malin, 11 Narrow Brook Rd. $1,363,750.

John D & Elizabeth M Border TR to John C Wallace & Elizabeth L Zauel, 23 White Oak Lane. $715,000.

Harold E & Karen L Fischer to Scott Rand Erin M Niles, 16 Hillcrest Lane. $1,215,000.

Laura A Radcliffe to Timothy R Watts & Sonya Shrier, 7 Colony Rd. $330,000.

Pablo & Jenna Cohan to Matthew & Milissa Malloy, 5 Slumber Corners. $630,000.

Richard D & Natalie D Terrill to Kseniya Soukeras, 7 Old Orchard Rd. $573,000.

Jean And Patricia Cayanni Trustees to Aimee Raupp & Kenneth W Temple, 149 Davis Hill Rd. $637,500.

Heather Jefferies to Cristine Gangi, 43 Blue Spruce Circle. $350,000.

Freddy Miraballes to Gregory A & Jennifer Mecca, 47 Kellogg Hill Rd. $1,275,000.

Craig & Stacey Babson-Smith to Kerem Dinlenc & Ashleigh Jayne Owens, 49 Old Stagecoach Rd. $850,000.

Thomas G & Caroline Z Shea to Colin P & Marisa J Murphy, 28 Sunset Dr. $937,000.

April 2019 Property Transfers

Thomas Comerford to Joshua Andrejczyk, 19 Laurel Lake E. $665,000.

Micahel & Nancy Anne Sturgis to Janice Lazo, 4 Norfield Rd. $1,118,000.

Mary T Nosenzo to Saskia Hamilton, 35 Blue Spruce Circle. $414,101.

Anna Lisa Nordman to Christine Tischbein, 16 Wilson Rd. $520,000.

Philip Russo to Kinsuk Shah, 53 Treadwell Lane. $689,000.

Monica Holmes Trust to Deborah Holmes, 80 Steep Hill Rd. $45,469.

Richard Lyall to Jeffrey & Suzhan Neal, 37 Osborn Farm Rd. $630,000.

Christopher & Bridget McLoughlin to Nick Psichopaidas, 157 Godfrey Road East. $775,000.

Bank Of New York Mellon to Arvind Shresta, 55 Eleven O'Clock Rd. $620,004.

Elizabeth Ann Montelli to Barry Ipp, 4 Smith Farm Rd. $1,060,000.

Kirstin L Powers to Phyllis A Schwartz, Godfrey Rd (Land). $310,000.

Seth Kaye to William Johnston, 1 Cartbridge Rd. $699,000.

David & Lindsey Rossen to Corey & Traci Baker, 63 Fanton Hill Rd. $1,400,000.

Wild Things Development LLC to MJL Realty Investments LLC, 85 & 87 Weston Woods Way. $350,000.

Paula Passaretti to Bradley & Marjori Liff, 112 Goodhill Rd. $1,249,000.

March 2019 Property Transfers

John & Lauren Aber to Michael & Laura Edelson, 13 Deer Run Trail. $636,000.

William and Diane Sather to Raymond James Bank NA, 15 Church Lane. $850,000.

Joy Kony Peshkin to Matthew S Waldis Living Trust, 19 Hickory Lane. $645,000.

Laura Lustig to Steven Skoler, 47 Davis Hill Road (Land). $322,500.

Christopher and Hilary Misiano to Marek Kusek, 44 Sachem Road (Land). $330,000.

James and Martha Fagan to Jeffrey and Deborah Hellinger, 6 Calvin Road. $1,350,000.

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Cobb to US Bank Trust NA, 118 Weston Road. $837,898.93.

L Eugene and Joan Cohler to Soon Hyouk Lee and Michelle Lee, 275 Newtown Tpk. $1,300,000.

Thomas J St Denis c/o Town Of Weston to Joseph Marek & John Nastasi, 14 Michaels Way (Land). $180,000.

Lisa Molnar Gibson Est c/o Town Of Weston to Karen Bentlage, 2 Norfield Road. $252,000.

Jeffrey and Hollis Pivor to Diana Torok and Glenn Demott, 108 Birch Hill Road. $665,000.

Michael & Fabiana Casella to Karen Gonillo, 106 Lords Highway. $450,000.

Wild Things Development Corp to Nicolay Prpich, 16 Weston Woods Way. $315,000.

Ryan and Karen Cornell to John Picard & Daley Ford Matz, 7 Richmond Hill Road. $528,000.

Josephine C. Ottomano Est to Ryan & Karen Cornell, 127 Lyons Plain Road. $495,500.

Mary Kay Barr to Jason Vaitukaitis, 37 Black Alder Lane Wilton. $825,000.

Lawrence Skor to Kerem Beyamini, 28 Brierbrook Lane. $625,000.

February 2019 Property Transfers

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Douglas & Maria McLennan, 47 Godfrey Road W. $275,000.

Alice A Brennan Est. to Vanessa Mix, 10 Salem Road. $395,000.

Helen S Gilroy Est. to Adam and Kerry Wycislo, 12 Farrell Road. $575,000.

Laura K Wanta to Kaitlin and David Peterson, 40 Kramer Lane. $515,000.

John and Nancy Babyak to Michael Gross, 15 Jana Dr. $400,000.

Dana and Nancy Tower to Rachel Leff, 12 Curiosity Lane. $655,500.

Peter Ratkins Est. to Colleen Walsh, 25 White Birch Road. $525,000.

Wampum Hill LLC to Jaroslaw Chrobak, 127 Georgetown Road. $399,900.

January 2019 Property Transfers

Steven & Lynne Shain to Sarah & Jason Vogel, 13 Stonehenge Rd. $660,000.

Randall & Kristin Zuckerman to Amie & Edward Gitlin, 18 Old Rock Rd. $670,000.

Frank Geiger et al to M&T Bank, 28 Spring Valley Rd. $513,112.13.

Gerald & Patricia Sargent to Marc & Alicia Gelnett, 12 Singing Oaks Dr. $1,040,000.

Lynne M Marvin to Jenny & Edmond Warchick, 9 Roscrea Pl. $550,000.

Marisela Munoz & Aldonio Teles to Luke F Milbury, 7 Cindy Lane. $584,000.

Deutsche Bank to Brendan Griffin, 291 Newtown Tpk. $460,000.

Andrew and Tiffany Davidson to Steven and Courtney Menking, 23 Langner Lane. $715,000.

Babette Lienhard to Johann Verheem, 23 Riverbank Rd. $712,000.

Floyd Lieberman to Paul Smith and Rose Velez Smith, 11 Lilac Lane. $1,175,000.

Harry J Brown to CT House Buy llc, 23 White Birch Rd. $442,050.

December 2018 Property Transfers

Mark A Renaud & Diane Renaud to Thomas Thompson-Flores & Kathryn Hayes, 24 Old Easton Tpk. $850,000.

Andrew E. Kantra & Anne E Kantra to Bryan Kozlak & Courtney Araujo, 82 Steep Hill Rd. $549,000.

David And Jennifer Hack to Thomas Kuna & Patricia Kraszewska, 54 Tannery Lane S. $624,500.

Elizabeth A Insley & Roger J Insley to Michael Morrissey, 2 Connors Lane. $1,550,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Na to Lisa Pak, 65 Ledgewood Dr E. $342,300.

Warren Cartmel to Robert J Talcott, 88 Eleven O Clock Rd. $565,000.

Kyle Martino & Eva Amurri Martino to Steve And Brittany Mlynar, 13 Lilac Lane. $1,348,500.

Adam & Alyse Goodman to Brian Wenger, 1 Winslow Rd. $750,000.

Patricia Dennis to David Patino, 18 Spruce Hill Rd. $235,000.

Cit Bank Na to Dennis Morneau, 32 Old Redding Rd. $390,000.

Nicholas Wodtke & Madelyn Wodtke to Agapito E Morgan, 76 Georgetown Rd. $603,115.

James B And Rosyln A Vore to Andrea & Andrew J Gerber, 162 Lyons Plain Rd. $1,250,000.

Dan Levitan to Wildlife In Crisis Inc, 35 Indian Valley Rd. $300,000.

John And Gabriela Laver to Brian Buckmir & Mariana Nery, 40 Laurel Lake E. $830,000.

Joseph And Meg A Serino to Oliver Bork And Cristina Villegas, 110 Kettle Creed Rd. $800,000.

Christine Smith to Johan & Gabriela Laver, 87 Lords Hwy. $1,070,000.

Nancy R Brown to David & Amy Drais, 6 Tower Dr. $655,000.

Second Step Mgmt Co to Igor Tsyganskiy, 35 Kettle Creek Rd. $1,925,000.

November 2018 Property Transfers

Robert Lechich to Creighton Desimone And Chloe Marie Lamy, 76 Old Easton Tpk. $750,000.

Jean L Carey to Milos Novotny, 29 Old Easton Tpk. $320,000.

Charles G Carey Revocable Trust to Milos Novotny, 29 Old Easton Tpk. $320,000.

Lucille Llc to James And Megan Baker, 7 Saugatuck River Rd. $2,001,500.

Neil And Erin Kirk to Chen Ming Lee And Liang Fang Chang, 2 Huckleberry Lane. $870,000.

Rmjw Llc to Robert And Benedetta Desantis, 11 Riverfield Dr. $1,200,000.

Dimitri Lanssens And Tanja Vroman to John Jantos, 12 Brierbrook Lane. $879,000.

Est Of Mimi Cefalu Gould to Brian And Nikko Dunlevy, 19 Langner Lane. $840,000.

Abw Properties Llc to Benjamin J Plunkett & Sisella, 397 Newtown Tpk. $235,000.

Thomas And Lene Marie Mccubbin to James Murcko, 58 Wells Hill Rd. $850,000.

Anthony Smetak to Erik And Kristy Anderson, 20 Ledgewood Dr. $537,826.

Deborah J Ziskin And William Berson to Elizabeth Ryder And Jared Small, 9 Huckleberry Lane. $1,100,000.

Ronald D Jamroga to Jp Morgan Chase Bank, 47 Godfrey Rd W. $280,000.

James W Smith to William J Doyle, 28 Treadwell Lane. $654,321.

Wild Things Development Llc to Toadum, 58 Weston Woods Way. $375,000.

Eric Sarner to Ashapurna Ghosh & Narasimha Rao, 16 North Ave. $703,210.

October 2018 Property Transfers

Michael L & Ann L Kyle Tr to Matthew & Debra D Carrothers, 10 November Tr, $367,500.

Michael L & Ann L Kyle Tr to Matthew & Debra D Carrothers, 10 November Tr. $367,500.

Mountainview Court Llc to Bryan D & Christine E Castellani, 99 Norfield Rd. $1,575,000.

Slater Source Preservation Llc to Kevin Troy, 184 Lyons Plains Rd. $675,000.

Rand Paul Charitable Tr to Ogier Paul & Donna, 87 Good Hill Rd. $931,700.

Kjell & Eleanore Kjellberg to Ruel Richards, 11 Steep Hill Rd. $775,000.

Nicole Abrach to Monika Abrach, 264 Georgetown Rd. $215,000.

Iron Shields Investments Llc to Walid Cherfane, 31 Hidden Spring Drive. $400,000.

Nikoll Dushku & Colleen Kelly to David E & Deisi Muniz, 11 Laurel Ridge Lane. $650,000.

Franklin Brown to Margaret B Kins, 17 Slumber Corners. $500,000.

Wild Things Development Llc to Charles Austin Ryer, 401 Newtown Tpk. $380,000.

David Mohney to Nathan King And Elise Cavanaugh, 288 Godfrey Rd East. $440,000.

Robert Antonelos And Elpidatzilianos to Mark And Kimberly Wendell, 37 Slumber Corners. $612,500.

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