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Notice: Taxes Due

The first installment of Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes on the Grand List of October 1, 2019 is due and payable on July 1, 2020. Failure to pay by August 3, 2020 will result in a late payment with interest of 1-1/2% per month starting with the July 1st due date per State Statute 12-145. Minimum interest charge is $2.00.

If you have been affected financially by COVID, a form is available at the town website,, to complete and return that will allow you 90 days grace to pay the July installment.

Due to the restrictions from COVID-19, the Tax Collector’s office will NOT be taking any payments at the window in Town Hall through December 2020.

If you have any questions, please call our office. Taxpayers will need to mail or pay online at or pay by phone at 855-844-0237. Service fees will apply. The town is also hoping to have a new dropbox installed for July for payments. It will be located on the library side entrance to Town Hall.

Please use the correct stub when paying. If you did not receive a tax bill, please contact the Tax Collector. You can also check online for payment amounts at the town website noted above. Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse the taxpayer from tax and delinquent interest (C.G.S.12-130).

Tax Collector:
Cathleen Neblett

Assistant Tax Collector:
Irene Nohavec

Property Transfers

May 2020 Property Transfers

Karen K Meredith FKA Karen M Grotto to Ryan M and Susan E Houx, 9 High Acre Road. $1,175,000.

Allen Craig Wasserman Trust to John Sutton & Anne Laure Vasseur Sutton, 58 Ledgewood Dr. $639,500.

Michael J & Dana M Repka to Matthew J & Sarah Walsh, 61 Old Easton Tpk. $960,000.

CT House Buy LLC to Jonathan S & Laura Cooper, 23 White Birch Road. $945,000.

John & Heather Valteris to Kwame & Anne Carlor, 178 Davis Hill Road. $675,000.

Robert & Marcey Trinka to Matthew & Tara Thomas, 15 Arlen Road. $720,000.

Philip & Sharon Debruyn to Brian & Reva Stuckelman, 83 Birch Hill Road. $685,000.

Joanne Butler to Melissa Robbins & Talia Baiocchi, 17 Richmond Hill Road. $650,000.

Anthony & Terrina Huck to Carol Penner Deford, 124 Lords Hwy. $1,100,000.

1900 Capital Trust III to Jon Rogers, 48 Salem Road. $280,000.

Allen Swerdlowe to Pernille Ironside, 112 Birch Hill Road. $700,000.

Aaron S & Leslie M August to William B & Noa Fleiss, 34 Blueberry Hill Road. $740,000.

Elizabeth Faithe Estates LLC to George A Gutierrez, 97 Blue Spruce Cir. $516,000.

Alexander & Dolores Spitzer to PBBFFO817 LLC, 32 Weston Road. $2,825,000.

Lisa Cross to Alex & Monica Staehely, 42 Lords Hwy. $1,400,000.

James & Kim Mellin to Samuel C & Jenna M Kolthay, 14 Shinnecock Place. $560,000.

Adam Sowers & Laura Beth Moore to Robin Mann, 76 Davis Hill Road. $635,000.

James A Butcher to David L & Amy Mandelbaum, 6 Birch Hill Road. $1,975,000.

April 2020 Property Transfers

Jack R and Lyette C Segerdahl to Jennai S Williams and Thomas A Kubic, 146 Old Hyde Road. $657,500.

Richard & Patricia Benvenuto to Michael Grodin, 24 Pheasant Hill Road. $650,000.

General Real Estate Holdings LLC to Chong and Yong Kim, 10 Smith Farm Road. $629,000.

Christian F and Renee S Torres to Rahman Hashimi, 47 Bradley Road. $650,000.

David L and Lori R Schnadig to Aaron D Burakoff & Julie D Flom, 38 Norfield Woods Road. $1,170,000.

Nigel and Juliet Frost to David A Morton, 295 Georgetown Road. $1,135,000.

Rudolf & Carmen Stalder to Vishal & Dimple Chhibbar, 45 Kellogg Hill Road. $175,000.

Rudolf & Carmen Stalder to Vishal & Dimple Chhibbar, 0 Aspetuck Hill Lane. $1,175,000.

Jeffrey & Elizabeth W Silverman to Maxwell D & Rosanna Rosenthal, 25 Langner Lane. $819,000.

Catherine M Pototsky to Amanda Poling-Tierney & Peter M Tierney, 34 Heritage Lane. $425,000.

Marc Lasry to Joshua Tarasoff & Laura Schubert, 22 Twin Walls Lane. $1,375,000.

Rebecca Schiff to David and Susan Frail, 43 Catbrier Road. $630,000.

E Stephen & Mary E Odierna to David Fargnoli, 36 Kramer Lane. $627,500.

March 2020 Property Transfers

Kieran M Kennedy to Grant M Herford and Jennifer M Herford, 3 Cannondale Road. $825,000.

19 Ridge Rd LLC to Jennifer and Raymond Banks, 19 Ridge Road. $840,000.

Carl and Leanne Anderson to Alyssa Saunders & Hunter Dorbandt, 33 Norfield Road. $650,000.

Timothy Cataldo & Laura Beddini to Jason & Ann Stevens, 202 Georgetown Road. $655,000.

GOMARTIN 3 LLC to Chad Harris Tendler, 5 Dillon Pass. $579,000.

Insource East Properties Inc to Leroy Fender, 44 Powder Horn Hill. $330,000.

Martin R Munitz & Karen A Gustafson to Andrew E & Lauren M Goldberg, 35 Pheasant Hill Road. $1,400,000.

Peoples United Bank to Tijo Josh, 108 Old Easton Tpk. $408,000.

February 2020 Property Transfers

Jerome M Piazza & Katharine A Herron to Kevin & Abigail Finan, 96 Old Easton Tpk. $560,000.

Debra J Eldon to Jerome M Piazza & Katharine A Herron, 65 Catbrier Road. $669,000.

Giuseppe C Basili & Dean Ketchum to Sraboni Dutta & Vignesh Gowrishankar, 56 Kellogg Hill Road. $960,000.

GTR 2015 AKA GTR 2013 LLC to Roger J & Gaitrie Bos, 5 Ladder Hill Road. $565,000.

Daniel E Offutt Revocable Trust to Towne Building & Development LLC, 48-50 Kettle Creek Road. $292,500.

Kenneth Siegel to Ejim P and Andrea Achi, 57 Greenfield Drive. $967,500.

Claire R McLintock et al to 1900 Capital Trust II by US Bank Trust NA Assoc., 48 Salem Road. $354,000.

Thomas J Murray Revocable Trust to Gustavus Christensen, 65 Norfield Road. $735,250.

Stephanie Jean Makan to John M Farah, 15 Partridge Lane. $800,000.

Donna M and Daniel A Wilder to Redmond C and Megan Burns, 41 Fanton Hill Road. $515,000.

Katherine Ruth Lockwood Est. to William B Pilato, 304 Georgetown Road. $277,000.

John H & Chelsea Jean Woody to Evan & Katelyn Gerhard, 51 Georgetown Road. $890,000.

January 2020 Property Transfers

John R Matthesen Revocable Living Trust to Michael Misencik & Sarah Forcheski, 9 Riverbank Road. $450,000.

Christopher H Rogalin to Elizabeth Rogalin, 230 Goodhill Road. $600,000.

Walter & Kristen Ancker to William Lacy, 13 Hidden Hill Road. $690,000.

Laurie E Strouch to John Akdikmen, 43 High Noon Road. $285,000.

Jeffrey M & Melissa M Muller to Michael & Elizabeth Healy, 3 Wood Hill Road. $725,000.

Sandra H Andrade to Michael & Dana Repka, 15 Twin Walls Lane. $1,485,000.

Gregory & Nolan Mangan to Julian & Joy Goldblatt, 20 Little Fox Lane. $520,000.

Peoples United Bank NA to Caroline & Christopher Frawley, 81 Kettle Creek Road. $600,000.

Susan H & Raymond A Waterhouse Jr. to Jennifer & Hatim Elmashni, 20 Hunt Lane. $1,150,000.

December 2019 Property Transfers

Jean Pamela Pearl to Amy A & Stephen G Pomponi, 82 Birch Hill Road. $1,225,000.

M&T Bank to Juan D Alvarez Rendon, 28 Spring Valley Road. $335,000.

Hermione Gluck to Sarah & Luke Dolce, 31 Norfield Woods Road. $677,000.

Jeffrey B Bernhard & 23 BD LLC to Birol Emir & Bilun Unal, 23 Bernhard Drive. $1,162,500.

Eric & Celia Meadow to Carl and Leanne Anderson, 3 Wedges Field. $1,100,000.

Lynn Lustig to Ashley Parrish, 21 Tubbs Spring Drive. $590,000.

Richard E Stephenson to W&J Barnum Realty LLC, 76 Lyons Plain Road. $492,000.

Yvonne M DeFrancesco to David C & Sheryl Waller, 10 Marshall Lane. $875,000.

Keith and Shirley Augustyn to Kerri and Edward Kennedy, 41 Godfrey Road West. $725,000.

Adria Pearl-Belport to Christian Thor Kleven & Laurie Kleven, 102 Birch Hill Road. $655,000.

Lynn Gorsuch aka Lynn G Kussner to Waterbury CT Teachers FCU, 248 Weston Road. $414,831.81.

Andrew R Fezza & Marilyn Fezza to Brandon & Elisa Igyarto, 14 Riverfield Drive. $1,125,000.

Philip C, Quentin M, & Richard A Hormel to Dana M Coates & Sharon L Ferraro, 16 Curiosity Lane. $253,100.

Peoples United Bank NA to Jaime Rose Roche, 29 Davis Hill Road. $425,000.

US ROF II Legal Title Tr by US Bank NA to Arhauz LLC, 23 Alwyn Lane. $410,000.

Bruce & Sherl Forest to Yuliya & Matthew Crawford, 10 Spring Valley Road. $400,428.

William M and Jennfier Barron to Kristen M and Walter J Ancker III, 65 Cavalry Road. $820,000.

Abby Mazur Tr. to Peter and Melissa Roman, 280 Newtown Tpk. $700,000.

November 2019 Property Transfers

Patricia J Gray to Heidi G Ryan, 25 Covenant Lane. $50,000.

Patrick H & Gina O Beranek to Toni Anne P Reamer Tr., 41 Rogues Ridge. $1,350,000.

Lukasz H Thieme to Debra E & Jose R Crespi Jr., 9 November Trail. $1,075,000.

Norman R and Beverley E Vincent to Leslie and Peter Cawley, 62 High Noon Road. $510,000.

Sebastian S Smater to Michael & Patricia McCarthy, 24 Birch Hill Road. $560,000.

Mallory & Kristin Brooks to Greg & Kristen Russo, 2 Aspetuck Glenn. $1,300,000.

Steven T and Susan H Gersh to Jean and Saulat Chaudhry, 50 Greenlea Lane. $944,000.

First Equity Investment Partners LP to Jonathan Rogers, 142 Steep Hill Road. $60,000.

Ronald M Dickerman to Jonathan Dillon Rogers, 140 Steep Hill Road. $165,000.

Thelma Toby Heller Est. to David & Julie Alter Wechsler, 69 Kellogg Hill Road. $500,000.

Ian B Merris to Trevor T & Oksana Ballou, 33 Steep Hill Road. $375,000.

Gregory & Kristen Russo to Kate Beckwith Garey, 67 Lords Highway. $840,000.

October 2019 Property Transfers

John & Helaina DiMartino to Eric Simmons & George Fernandes, 33 Osborn Farm Road. $450,000.

Vivian Perlis Est. to OKIE88 LLC, 139 Good Hill Road. $520,000.

Kurt W. Brower & Hege Dammen to Timothy & Debra Martin, 28 Partridge Lane. $1,600,000.

Steven Needham to Omar Sevilla, 251 Newtown Tpk. $367,500.

Estate of Jon F Anderson to William Ortega-Pinzon & Judith Ortega, 73 Birch Hill Road. $575,000.

11 Old Hyde Rd LLC to Adam S Halberg & Jennifer M Terra, 11 Old Hyde Road. $1,515,000.

Diana Sheila Mary Lewis Trust FBO Lena Nardelli to Alon Rosenthal & Abbi Levine, 5 Tower Drive. $627,000.

Jonathan D Seymour & Emily Seymour to Steven T Gersh & Susan H Gersh, 25 Twin Walls Lane. $1,610,000.

David & Pamela Allon to Ann T Dachs, 7 Birch Hill Road. $850,000.

Sasa Mahr-Batuz to Philip Salinger, 9 Hackberry Hill Road. $1,600,000.

Elaine C Whelton Est. to Garrett J & Kaitlyn M Bernz, 34A Georgetown Road. $163,500.

Edward & Ann Day to Richard Whitehead, 41 Blueberry Hill Road. $499,000.

Marjorie a Zaremba Est. to Clorasteen A Wilson & Garrett M Gobillot, 136 Steephill Road. $440,000.

September 2019 Property Transfers

Chestnut Farm LLC to Chestnut Farm Holdings LLC, 227 Lyons Plain Road. $2,160,000.

Gerry W & Barbara A Van Geyzel to William A Florio Jr & Dinara Maksa, 12 Dogwood Lane. $1,612,500.

Alisan B Goldfarb to Tomasz Ryzner & Anna Ryzner, 26 Ladder Hill South. $400,000.

US Bank National Association to Albert Jensen Moulton, 21 Saw Mill Road. $183,225.

Richard J & Stephanie V Rapp to Mequittaahuja & Brian W Weir, 374 Good Hill Road. $680,000.

Bank Of America NA to Justin & Jamal Calderaro, 21 Blueberry Hill Road. $257,625.

Christopher M Brown to Barry W and Lynda J Langsam, 37 Farrell Road. $575,000.

Keith Gallant Trustee to Jean-Claude Oligario & Tracey Koziol, 31 Hemlock Ridge Road. $1,110,000.

Alysia Benninghoff to Michael & Maire Butler, 46 Powder Horn Hill Road. $735,000.

Rober C Kaeser Jr Est to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 69 Lyons Plain Road. $401,232.53.

Caroline & Charlotte Mortensen-Harris to Robert & Denise Mozdean, 61 Georgetown Road. $990,000.

Kenneth Miller to Ahmed Klink, 18 Curiosity Lane. $425,000.

Daniel Doak & Thomas Zoubek to Crytal Maruszak, 32 Old Georgetown Road. $287,500.

Julie Mountain to Marco & Katherine Parente, 17 Kettle Creek Road. $1,350,000.

Sean & Emilie Roberts Hannon to Patricia & Daniel Gerroll, 11 Goodhill Road. $590,000.

Simon A Verney to Chunyang Wang, 91 Treadwell Lane. $609,200.

Margaret G. Buddenhagen to Christopher M Brown, 3 Smith Ridge Road. $1,150,000.

Maureen D Lawler to Oleg Ilichev & Alfia Ilicheva, 20 Ridge Lane. $2,000,000.

Daniel Charles Price et al to Nature Conservancy, Osborn/Grey Fox (Land). $2,000,000.

August 2019 Property Transfers

Timothy P Donnelly to David Paul Plisky & Suzanna Chen, 42 Blue Spruce Circle. $660,000.

Andrew R & Maureen Powers Berliner to Lowell P McLinskey & Diana L Morgan, 9 Fern Valley Road. $905,000.

Michael J & Randi Cannon to Aiden JG Cassidy & Charles L Teti, 12 Norfield Farm Lane. $1,515,250.

Abramson Lewis Family Trust to Glenn M & Shannon L Buggy, 97 Lords Highway. $1,275,000.

Ian Bradley to Stephen & Veronica Lancin, 23 Birch Hill Road. $799,000.

Edward & Sheila Stolarski to Robert & Kristen Lengyel, 64 Treadwell Lane. $1,090,000.

FEC Enterprises LLC to Jessica Rave Garcia, 9 Meadowbrook Lane. $415,000.

Nancy Wright to Donna Hughes & Mary Ellen Hayes, Old Hyde Road (Land). $0.

Laura A & William Keith Watanabe to Marcus & Leila Velez Hespanha, 335 Georgetown Road. $1,027,500.

Michele B Feuerhake Tr. to Ryan & Nicole Verlin, 14 Old Redding Road. $760,000.

Deborah B Merberg to Kevin & Kornelia Thomas, 37 Tall Pines Dr. $1,200,000.

Jay P & Lisa A Singer to Morakot Masokas & James McCarthy, 28 Indian Valley Road. $780,000.

Jonathan H & Linda S Gelfand to Christopher T Roper & Nancy E Taylor, 41 Hidden Meadow Road. $747,500.

Elizabeth L And John Markham to Franklin T Allen & Kimberly K Duran, 29 Salem Road. $685,100.

Richard P Manero to Alan J Morris & Jeffrey Harper, 44 Hackberry Hill Road. $625,000.

Jack & Joan Lipson to Katherine Roe & Gavin Guerra, 38 High Noon Road. $520,000.

Stephen & Kathleen Quinn to Amber Brody, 24 Tubbs Spring Dr. $789,000.

Cedar Builders LLC to Michael A & Reina A Grunberg, 31 Hidden Spring Dr. $1,400,000.

Philip A Glantz to William J & Robin G Seymour, 160 Old Redding Road. $620,000.

Elyse D Sherman to Phillip Vasquez & Maribel Torres Colon, 17 Cricket Lane. $404,500.

July 2019 Property Transfers

Howard J Aibel Est to Michael W Klemens, 183 Steep Hill Road. $775,000.

Barbara Blum Shaw to Russell L & Christinaa Spieler, 83 Steep Hill Road. $1,225,000.

Lee M Arthurs to David Miller, 35 Greenlea Lane (part in Westport). $1,079,000.

Russell L Spieler to Ineska Antolos Klauber & Gordon Klauber, 270 Newtown Tpk. $725,000.

Est of David R Smith to Keri & Lavi Ben-Zvi, 7 Cedar Hills. $563,000.

Barbara J Solomon to Beverly and Nicole Morgan, 17 Timber Mill Lane. $685,000.

Nigel & Juliet Frost to Daniel P & Cecile J Tomaselli, 290 Georgetown Road. $625,000.

Stuart and Vanessa Hendry to Robert and Kimbria Hardy, 41 Black Alder Lane Wilton. $925,000.

Steven and Nicholle Delorez to Navid Arefi, 53 Merry Lane. $585,000.

Veronica C Fulling to Aaron Scott & Dena Elisheva Tolkin, 62 Kettle Creek Road. $635,000.

Douglas H & Patricia D Stuebe to Caio Goncalves & Lindsay Porter, 5 Buttonball Lane. $585,000.

Dennis H Tracey III & Marcia J Hamelin to Bryan & Melissa Young, 18 Echo Hill Road. $1,150,000.

Daniel & Eleana McNeill to Jeffrey & Morgan Paul, 9 Steep Hill Road. $685,000.

Jane Beth Rogelberg to Dustin & Alyssa Ackerman, 17 Blue Spruce Circle. $450,000.

Robert L & Barbara M Rosiello to Paul & Lauren Gojkovich, 55 Davis Hill Road. $1,875,000.

Richard & Marianne Frisch to Jorge & Morgan Bermudez, 50 September Lane. $628,800.

Robert E & Karen M Mitchell to Elizabeth Kauffmann, 13 Joanne Lane. $1,255,000.

Lori E Dibartholomeo to Javier A Solano & Rebecca W Berg, 10 High Meadow Road. $1,025,000.

Deborah Gore to Joshua Babb, 10 Old Farm Lane. $700,000.

Kevin Shea and Kimberly Blake Trustees to Matthew and Kate Burke, 166 Good Hill Road. $1,249,000.

Craig S Panzirer to Gregory Hutton & Laura Anton, 57 Catbrier Road. $1,162,000.

Stephen and Jill Champtaloup to Ronald and Beth Schwartz, 37 Langner Lane. $714,500.

Michael and Renea Flooks to John Jr and Erica Stadnyk, 48 Lords Hwy. East. $1,100,000.

Byron A & Marita A Wein to 4 Forest Road LLC, 4 Forest Road. $914,520.

Andrew Norman Friedman Jr Est to Gregory J Pepe, 19 Old Mill Road. $425,000.

Gary J Gubner to Walter & Aria Simpson, 31 Rogues Ridge. $620,000.

Mountainview Court LLC to Peter and Elizabeth Lunde, 8 Norfield Woods Road (Land). $315,000.

Mel and Joan Sokotch to Peter and Jolynn Hamann, 4 Garden Road. $899,000.

Walter and Sara Squire to Tien Minh Tran & Katrin J Wesolowski, 43 Salem Road. $860,000.

Christopher & Sarah Thomas Heathsfield to Lauren & Micahel Ehrlich, 60 Ridge Road. $1,300,000.

Linda S Brown to Bank Of America NA, 21 Blueberry Hill Road. $367,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Insource East Properties Inc, 44 Powder Horn Hill Road. $287,999.

Dario & Maria Dasilva to Jonathan A Dean, 38 Ledgewood Drive. $610,000.

Jack L & Molly W Williams to Judith A & Richard Drago, 12 Messex Lane. $635,000.

Eva Chu to Renard & Mary Francois, 73 Kellogg Hill Road. $942,000.

Suzanne Flynn Orefice to Lukasz H Thieme, 211 Georgetown Road. $565,000.

Alberto B & Laura M Casellas to Jay Feinberg & Patrick Savoy, 11 September Lane. $745,000.

June 2019 Property Transfers

David H & Lisa M Rowe to Rudy Perez, 59 Old Farm Road. $523,000.

Peter & Allison De Boer to Justine Landegger & Thomas Boe Wiegaard, 38 Langner Lane. $2,135,000.

William F Lacy Trust to Janet Parmar, 30 White Birch Road. $850,000.

Karen & Angelo Giordano to M&T Bank, 5 Godfrey Road. $721,945.44.

Wild Things Development LLC to Gary C Marma Jr & Valerie Marma, 82 Weston Woods Way. $430,000.

Heather R Dillon to Lauren Mattera & Stephen Arcamone, 10 Dillon Pass (Land). $155,000.

Doris RP Mundschenk Est. to Krzysztof Skowronski & Beata Bos, 222 Georgetown Road. $376,000.

Jaroslaw Kokot to Gregg M Kirkman & Erin L Tiska, 93 Blue Spruce Circle. $510,000.

Anthony R Daddona & Stein Pederson to Shane Kelley & Emily Elizabeth Kelley, 37 Grays Farm Road. $862,000.

Sabyasachi & Barbara Basu Mullick to Edmund J & Wendy J Ferdinand, 2 Arrowhead Way. $1,200,000.

Edmund & Wendy Ferdinand to David Johnson & Maura Conway, 2 Old Rock Road. $880,000.

Brian R Lara to Matthew & Grace Mintz, 25 Hidden Meadow Road. $582,600.

Kevin & Tara Tanzer to Mark & Amanda Mihelic, 98 Kellogg Hill Road. $850,000.

May 2019 Property Transfers

Leslie A Powell to Elodie & Steve Tarantino, 45 Hemlock Ridge Rd. $1,300,000.

Lori Elkins to Maryanne & Shaan Bhojwani, 3 Narrow Brook Rd. $830,000.

Allen & Lorraine Noveck Trustees to Andrew M Timbers & Minta Nester, 21 & 25 Hemlock Ridge Rd. $1,700,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA TR to Richard & Patricia Muttick, 81 Blue Spruce Circle. $227,950.

Laura & Steven Krippner to Nicholas Mitsios Nosel Christina Seeber, 129 Goodhill Rd. $575,000.

Stephen M Sander to Bruce & Mona Brown, 20 Broad Street. $2,800,000.

Mark & Lynn Barber to Justin & Blaire Scheier, 48 Singing Oaks Dr. $15,000.

Samuel Masterson & Ellen Flink to Lamont Gonzalez and Genevieve Morales, 267 Newtown Tpk. $425,500.

Suzan M & John C Diaz to Gordon W & Katrin Malin, 11 Narrow Brook Rd. $1,363,750.

John D & Elizabeth M Border TR to John C Wallace & Elizabeth L Zauel, 23 White Oak Lane. $715,000.

Harold E & Karen L Fischer to Scott Rand Erin M Niles, 16 Hillcrest Lane. $1,215,000.

Laura A Radcliffe to Timothy R Watts & Sonya Shrier, 7 Colony Rd. $330,000.

Pablo & Jenna Cohan to Matthew & Milissa Malloy, 5 Slumber Corners. $630,000.

Richard D & Natalie D Terrill to Kseniya Soukeras, 7 Old Orchard Rd. $573,000.

Jean And Patricia Cayanni Trustees to Aimee Raupp & Kenneth W Temple, 149 Davis Hill Rd. $637,500.

Heather Jefferies to Cristine Gangi, 43 Blue Spruce Circle. $350,000.

Freddy Miraballes to Gregory A & Jennifer Mecca, 47 Kellogg Hill Rd. $1,275,000.

Craig & Stacey Babson-Smith to Kerem Dinlenc & Ashleigh Jayne Owens, 49 Old Stagecoach Rd. $850,000.

Thomas G & Caroline Z Shea to Colin P & Marisa J Murphy, 28 Sunset Dr. $937,000.

April 2019 Property Transfers

Thomas Comerford to Joshua Andrejczyk, 19 Laurel Lake E. $665,000.

Micahel & Nancy Anne Sturgis to Janice Lazo, 4 Norfield Rd. $1,118,000.

Mary T Nosenzo to Saskia Hamilton, 35 Blue Spruce Circle. $414,101.

Anna Lisa Nordman to Christine Tischbein, 16 Wilson Rd. $520,000.

Philip Russo to Kinsuk Shah, 53 Treadwell Lane. $689,000.

Monica Holmes Trust to Deborah Holmes, 80 Steep Hill Rd. $45,469.

Richard Lyall to Jeffrey & Suzhan Neal, 37 Osborn Farm Rd. $630,000.

Christopher & Bridget McLoughlin to Nick Psichopaidas, 157 Godfrey Road East. $775,000.

Bank Of New York Mellon to Arvind Shresta, 55 Eleven O'Clock Rd. $620,004.

Elizabeth Ann Montelli to Barry Ipp, 4 Smith Farm Rd. $1,060,000.

Kirstin L Powers to Phyllis A Schwartz, Godfrey Rd (Land). $310,000.

Seth Kaye to William Johnston, 1 Cartbridge Rd. $699,000.

David & Lindsey Rossen to Corey & Traci Baker, 63 Fanton Hill Rd. $1,400,000.

Wild Things Development LLC to MJL Realty Investments LLC, 85 & 87 Weston Woods Way. $350,000.

Paula Passaretti to Bradley & Marjori Liff, 112 Goodhill Rd. $1,249,000.

March 2019 Property Transfers

John & Lauren Aber to Michael & Laura Edelson, 13 Deer Run Trail. $636,000.

William and Diane Sather to Raymond James Bank NA, 15 Church Lane. $850,000.

Joy Kony Peshkin to Matthew S Waldis Living Trust, 19 Hickory Lane. $645,000.

Laura Lustig to Steven Skoler, 47 Davis Hill Road (Land). $322,500.

Christopher and Hilary Misiano to Marek Kusek, 44 Sachem Road (Land). $330,000.

James and Martha Fagan to Jeffrey and Deborah Hellinger, 6 Calvin Road. $1,350,000.

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Cobb to US Bank Trust NA, 118 Weston Road. $837,898.93.

L Eugene and Joan Cohler to Soon Hyouk Lee and Michelle Lee, 275 Newtown Tpk. $1,300,000.

Thomas J St Denis c/o Town Of Weston to Joseph Marek & John Nastasi, 14 Michaels Way (Land). $180,000.

Lisa Molnar Gibson Est c/o Town Of Weston to Karen Bentlage, 2 Norfield Road. $252,000.

Jeffrey and Hollis Pivor to Diana Torok and Glenn Demott, 108 Birch Hill Road. $665,000.

Michael & Fabiana Casella to Karen Gonillo, 106 Lords Highway. $450,000.

Wild Things Development Corp to Nicolay Prpich, 16 Weston Woods Way. $315,000.

Ryan and Karen Cornell to John Picard & Daley Ford Matz, 7 Richmond Hill Road. $528,000.

Josephine C. Ottomano Est to Ryan & Karen Cornell, 127 Lyons Plain Road. $495,500.

Mary Kay Barr to Jason Vaitukaitis, 37 Black Alder Lane Wilton. $825,000.

Lawrence Skor to Kerem Beyamini, 28 Brierbrook Lane. $625,000.

February 2019 Property Transfers

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Douglas & Maria McLennan, 47 Godfrey Road W. $275,000.

Alice A Brennan Est. to Vanessa Mix, 10 Salem Road. $395,000.

Helen S Gilroy Est. to Adam and Kerry Wycislo, 12 Farrell Road. $575,000.

Laura K Wanta to Kaitlin and David Peterson, 40 Kramer Lane. $515,000.

John and Nancy Babyak to Michael Gross, 15 Jana Dr. $400,000.

Dana and Nancy Tower to Rachel Leff, 12 Curiosity Lane. $655,500.

Peter Ratkins Est. to Colleen Walsh, 25 White Birch Road. $525,000.

Wampum Hill LLC to Jaroslaw Chrobak, 127 Georgetown Road. $399,900.

January 2019 Property Transfers

Steven & Lynne Shain to Sarah & Jason Vogel, 13 Stonehenge Rd. $660,000.

Randall & Kristin Zuckerman to Amie & Edward Gitlin, 18 Old Rock Rd. $670,000.

Frank Geiger et al to M&T Bank, 28 Spring Valley Rd. $513,112.13.

Gerald & Patricia Sargent to Marc & Alicia Gelnett, 12 Singing Oaks Dr. $1,040,000.

Lynne M Marvin to Jenny & Edmond Warchick, 9 Roscrea Pl. $550,000.

Marisela Munoz & Aldonio Teles to Luke F Milbury, 7 Cindy Lane. $584,000.

Deutsche Bank to Brendan Griffin, 291 Newtown Tpk. $460,000.

Andrew and Tiffany Davidson to Steven and Courtney Menking, 23 Langner Lane. $715,000.

Babette Lienhard to Johann Verheem, 23 Riverbank Rd. $712,000.

Floyd Lieberman to Paul Smith and Rose Velez Smith, 11 Lilac Lane. $1,175,000.

Harry J Brown to CT House Buy llc, 23 White Birch Rd. $442,050.

December 2018 Property Transfers

Mark A Renaud & Diane Renaud to Thomas Thompson-Flores & Kathryn Hayes, 24 Old Easton Tpk. $850,000.

Andrew E. Kantra & Anne E Kantra to Bryan Kozlak & Courtney Araujo, 82 Steep Hill Rd. $549,000.

David And Jennifer Hack to Thomas Kuna & Patricia Kraszewska, 54 Tannery Lane S. $624,500.

Elizabeth A Insley & Roger J Insley to Michael Morrissey, 2 Connors Lane. $1,550,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Na to Lisa Pak, 65 Ledgewood Dr E. $342,300.

Warren Cartmel to Robert J Talcott, 88 Eleven O Clock Rd. $565,000.

Kyle Martino & Eva Amurri Martino to Steve And Brittany Mlynar, 13 Lilac Lane. $1,348,500.

Adam & Alyse Goodman to Brian Wenger, 1 Winslow Rd. $750,000.

Patricia Dennis to David Patino, 18 Spruce Hill Rd. $235,000.

Cit Bank Na to Dennis Morneau, 32 Old Redding Rd. $390,000.

Nicholas Wodtke & Madelyn Wodtke to Agapito E Morgan, 76 Georgetown Rd. $603,115.

James B And Rosyln A Vore to Andrea & Andrew J Gerber, 162 Lyons Plain Rd. $1,250,000.

Dan Levitan to Wildlife In Crisis Inc, 35 Indian Valley Rd. $300,000.

John And Gabriela Laver to Brian Buckmir & Mariana Nery, 40 Laurel Lake E. $830,000.

Joseph And Meg A Serino to Oliver Bork And Cristina Villegas, 110 Kettle Creed Rd. $800,000.

Christine Smith to Johan & Gabriela Laver, 87 Lords Hwy. $1,070,000.

Nancy R Brown to David & Amy Drais, 6 Tower Dr. $655,000.

Second Step Mgmt Co to Igor Tsyganskiy, 35 Kettle Creek Rd. $1,925,000.

November 2018 Property Transfers

Robert Lechich to Creighton Desimone And Chloe Marie Lamy, 76 Old Easton Tpk. $750,000.

Jean L Carey to Milos Novotny, 29 Old Easton Tpk. $320,000.

Charles G Carey Revocable Trust to Milos Novotny, 29 Old Easton Tpk. $320,000.

Lucille Llc to James And Megan Baker, 7 Saugatuck River Rd. $2,001,500.

Neil And Erin Kirk to Chen Ming Lee And Liang Fang Chang, 2 Huckleberry Lane. $870,000.

Rmjw Llc to Robert And Benedetta Desantis, 11 Riverfield Dr. $1,200,000.

Dimitri Lanssens And Tanja Vroman to John Jantos, 12 Brierbrook Lane. $879,000.

Est Of Mimi Cefalu Gould to Brian And Nikko Dunlevy, 19 Langner Lane. $840,000.

Abw Properties Llc to Benjamin J Plunkett & Sisella, 397 Newtown Tpk. $235,000.

Thomas And Lene Marie Mccubbin to James Murcko, 58 Wells Hill Rd. $850,000.

Anthony Smetak to Erik And Kristy Anderson, 20 Ledgewood Dr. $537,826.

Deborah J Ziskin And William Berson to Elizabeth Ryder And Jared Small, 9 Huckleberry Lane. $1,100,000.

Ronald D Jamroga to Jp Morgan Chase Bank, 47 Godfrey Rd W. $280,000.

James W Smith to William J Doyle, 28 Treadwell Lane. $654,321.

Wild Things Development Llc to Toadum, 58 Weston Woods Way. $375,000.

Eric Sarner to Ashapurna Ghosh & Narasimha Rao, 16 North Ave. $703,210.

October 2018 Property Transfers

Michael L & Ann L Kyle Tr to Matthew & Debra D Carrothers, 10 November Tr, $367,500.

Michael L & Ann L Kyle Tr to Matthew & Debra D Carrothers, 10 November Tr. $367,500.

Mountainview Court Llc to Bryan D & Christine E Castellani, 99 Norfield Rd. $1,575,000.

Slater Source Preservation Llc to Kevin Troy, 184 Lyons Plains Rd. $675,000.

Rand Paul Charitable Tr to Ogier Paul & Donna, 87 Good Hill Rd. $931,700.

Kjell & Eleanore Kjellberg to Ruel Richards, 11 Steep Hill Rd. $775,000.

Nicole Abrach to Monika Abrach, 264 Georgetown Rd. $215,000.

Iron Shields Investments Llc to Walid Cherfane, 31 Hidden Spring Drive. $400,000.

Nikoll Dushku & Colleen Kelly to David E & Deisi Muniz, 11 Laurel Ridge Lane. $650,000.

Franklin Brown to Margaret B Kins, 17 Slumber Corners. $500,000.

Wild Things Development Llc to Charles Austin Ryer, 401 Newtown Tpk. $380,000.

David Mohney to Nathan King And Elise Cavanaugh, 288 Godfrey Rd East. $440,000.

Robert Antonelos And Elpidatzilianos to Mark And Kimberly Wendell, 37 Slumber Corners. $612,500.

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