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Has anyone seen the condition of the transfer station lately? Last week I returned to Weston to do work on my rental house and was literally disgusted when I dropped off some bags of trash.

Enormous amounts of recyclables meant for the dumpsters is trapped between the bins and the chain link fences there to prevent falls.

The entire lower field (adjacent to the scales) is strewn with litter (as is pretty much the entire site.) The stench everywhere is terrible, and I’d guess any cleanup would take hundreds of man hours at the very least.

Further, there doesn’t seem to be anyone watching over things to keep users following the rules. As a result, the single stream recycling bins have lots of food garbage in it, thereby contaminating adjacent recyclables.

Further, think of the opportunity for spreading disease! If dirty diapers and the like are left exposed to the elements, it’s only a matter of time before flies and rodents spread pathogens into the community.

And, with the lack of attention to the site signified by this mess, who knows if hazardous wastes like used oil and lead acid batteries are contaminating the groundwater. Does anyone remember all the neighbors’ wells contaminated in the 70’s when this was a landfill rather than a transfer station? Does anyone remember the cost of building a city water system for those homes?

I lived in Weston for 35 years and never have I seen such wretched conditions at the transfer station, Honestly, it reminded me of slums I’ve seen in India, Egypt, Kenya, not a public facility in one of America’s wealthiest towns.

Whatever the reason(s), the buck’s gotta stop with the First Selectwoman, and this does not reflect positively on her administration.

This is not sustainable, Weston!

— Peter Blau

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