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In the coming weeks and months the public safety team will be bringing forward a proposal for a new Land Mobile Radio system for Weston. Like other large appropriations from the rainy day fund that exceed 2% of the Town Budget, funding approval will eventually come before the public at a Special Town Meeting. This process will be much the same as when Weston approved funding more than 2 million dollars to renovate Public Safety facilities in February 2020.

I want to express my support for the new Land Mobile Radio system that we are proposing. These radios are an essential tool for our public safety first responders and it will help to ensure the safety and security of our residents. Benefits of the new system will also extend to the Department of Public Works and our Animal Control Officer.

The current radio system has reached the end of its useful life and the older technology makes it difficult for public safety personnel to do their jobs effectively. The new system will provide better coverage and clearer communication, allowing our police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies. The new radios will also provide much improved communications during mutual aid operations (giving and receiving assistance from surrounding municipalities).

Some members of our community may have concerns about the cost of the new system. However, I want to assure you that this is a necessary investment in the safety and security of our community. We are committed to finding ways to minimize the impact on taxpayers. The cost of the new system will not be paid for by new taxes because we put aside funds in our town’s reserves to cover expenses and we are actively seeking financial support from other government agencies.

I also want to emphasize that this new system is not just for the benefit of our first responders. It is for the benefit of all of us. In the event of an emergency, we all rely on our first responders to be there for us and keep us safe. We owe it to them and to ourselves to provide them with the best tools and resources possible.

I give my full support to this important initiative. Investing in the safety and security of our community is not only an important detail of my office but a personal goal as well.

With Gratitude,
Samantha Nestor
First Selectwoman
Town of Weston

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