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I am an ardent proponent of transparency. I am also a firm advocate for the truth, the facts and following the terms as dictated by our town charter and collective bargaining agreements. There is a defined PROCESS for filing grievances which is open for review and which I believe needs to be followed to resolve conflicts, rather than proceed in a public forum that can be highly political in nature or by design. When proper procedures are ignored, we lose the sense of comity and civility that I would like to see characterize the workings of town government.

I also believe it is critical to ensure that our dedicated town employees can do their jobs properly in a context of respect. Herein, too, there are recommended channels, other than in a public display, for registering complaints and feedback. Thus, I believe Selectwoman Jenner should render an apology to our tax collector for publicly reprimanding her job performance.

At the Board of Selectman meeting on 11/3/22, I made a motion to table (not dismiss) item 5 in order to first consult with our town attorney on information that I believe was not accurate. Upon further research our attorney revised his opinion, validating that motion. I have seen how misinformation (spread on Facebook, blogs, etc.) can lead to poor decision-making, divisive behavior and can distort public sentiment. Thus, I will continue to make decisions from an informed perspective and take the necessary steps to mitigate risk that can adversely affect our town, or demoralize our employees or volunteers who work hard to serve the public. It’s not personal; it’s not political; it’s simply my duty.

On a final note, I was happy to see more residents at our last Board of Selectman meeting. Please continue to participate. In the same vein that police commissioner David Muller once motivated me to join our town’s boards, I encourage all to find ways (big or small) to get involved and stay engaged in our beloved town.

— Martin Mohabeer
Mr. Mohabeer is a member of the Board of Selectmen

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