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To Tax Collector Cathy Neblett and Weston residents,

Both as a Selectwoman and as a citizen, I will always be a cheerleader for the exemplary performance of our Town Administrator and the talented people who report to him…as well as the Police Officers, Volunteer Firemen, EMS, and teachers all of whom are outside the purview of the Board of Selectmen. I will never hesitate to point out where we can improve the delivery of services and/or operate more efficiently. That’s my job, and I owe it to the citizens of Weston.

But how and where matters. Social media and weblogs are not the appropriate place. The auction took place on October 21st, but none of the items sold. That is to say that the auction garnered $0, and unfortunately that was not covered by Weston Today.

The Tax Collector was only doing her job. If I had any issues or concerns I should have directed them at the system or process and looked for ways to improve them, and not at a Town employee charged with carrying them out. It was a natural and human error under the circumstances, but an error in judgement nonetheless. I regret having criticized Tax Collector Cathy Neblett publicly. I retract my criticism and offer my heartfelt apologies to Ms. Neblett.

— Amy Jenner

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