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I’ve been working for the past five years to pass a Medical Aid in Dying law in Connecticut. I’ve testified multiple times before the Public Health Committee of our State Legislature, given interviews on the subject to newspapers, TV, and talk radio programs, and now I’m writing in support of Ceci Maher’s candidacy for State Senator from the 26th district.

Maher is an ardent supporter of medical aid-in-dying, and her opponent, Toni Boucher, is not.

I spoke with Toni Boucher a few days ago and asked her where she stood on the issue. She repeated to me the words I’ve heard all too frequently from legislators who want to defeat this reasonable measure. She used the code words expressing concern for “people with disabilities and old people” who might be pressured into seeking “assisted suicide,” pejoratives far too often used by opponents.

Let’s get it straight: In the 25 years since Oregon first passed this law, and now with 10 more states and D.C. on board, there just hasn’t been such a problem reported. And, it would be a felony. In the past three years, the CT Medical Society (Physicians) have gone from “against, to neutral.” The CT Nurses Association moved from “opposed to favorable.”

And recent Connecticut polling is clear: 75% of CT residents want this legislation passed.

If your readers want it passed, they should write to their State Legislators, and if they are residents of the 26th District, they should vote for Ceci Maher.

— James Naughton

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