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I would like to thank Weston Today for your carefully researched story regarding the Restaurant Equipment Tax Auction (September 26) and thoughtful response to Amy Jenner’s Letter to the Editor (October 4) both of which mention me.

As Tax Collector for the Town of Weston, I feel it necessary to respond to Ms. Jenner’s letter.

The Tax Collectors’ Office is regulated by Connecticut State Statutes. The office follows the laws to collect taxes for the Town of Weston. Tax collection includes Personal Property taxes for businesses.

As previously mentioned, our office sent many delinquent notices to Peter’s Market. Other enforcement tools we used were sending bills to a Collection Agency and executing a Tax Warrant, as well as filing a UCC Lien with the State of Connecticut.

Upon hearing that the business may close, we sent inquires to surrounding banks for the purpose of garnishing funds that the business may have to pay the delinquent taxes. We were told that any funds that were in accounts at that time were secured by loans with the bank itself. These efforts left no funds available to cover their delinquency with the Town.

When the business closed, the town anticipated that the owners would liquidate all their assets and clear the delinquent taxes owed. No payments were ever received.

Immediately upon hearing the whereabouts of the liened assets in Weston, we followed state-issued protocols to seize the property and ultimately auction the items to pay down the delinquent taxes. We consulted with Weston’s legal counsel for their expertise and followed the letter of the law throughout the entire procedure.

I was neither negligent nor derelict in my duties as the Tax Collector for the Town of Weston.

Cathleen Neblett, CCMC
Tax Collector
Town of Weston

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