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As a long-time resident of Connecticut, I have learned the importance of our chosen representatives in Hartford. These hard working people make important decisions about our health, our safety, our schools, our environment and the financial workings of our State. For that reason, I strongly support Ceci Maher’s candidacy for State Senator for the 26th District.

Ceci Maher is a woman who walks the walk. As Executive Director of Person to Person, she significantly grew this organization that provides food and clothing for our neighbors who struggle to support themselves and their families.

Ceci represents Connecticut values. She is a strong proponent of women’s reproductive freedom and, as a former leader of Sandy Hook Promise, sensible gun safety laws. Ceci’s opponent has stated that our gun safety laws have “gone too far.” In my opinion we can and should go further to make sure our children are safe in their schools and families are safe in their places of worship.

Republicans have lately been raising the old worn out trope of “school regionalization” to create fear and division among our citizens. The Democrats have never proposed the merging of school districts. We all should encourage school districts to save money by, for example, using their combined purchasing power to reduce costs. This is not the combining of school districts and does not contemplate bussing of students or any other form of regionalization. To say it does is merely a “dog whistle” to frighten voters.

I know Ceci Maher will work hard to fight for our Connecticut values in Hartford. Please join me in voting for Ceci Maher for State Senate on November 8th.

— Vicki Volper

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