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Sean Scanlon, currently the State Rep for Branford and Guilford, is running for State Comptroller.

An under-appreciated and not well-understood constitutional office, the State Comptroller is our chief financial officer and, most importantly, has a duty to call it like it is and be an independent fiscal watchdog for the taxpayers of Connecticut.

I’ve gotten to know Sean over the last few months and believe him to be a thoughtful listener, sound fiscal thinker, and a dedicated public servant. Also discovered that he’s never shied away from working across the aisle, nor has he been afraid to do what’s right even if it means going against his own party.

Sean was raised by a single mom, attended public schools and worked his way through high school and college — experiences that shaped his activism and compassion.

As a State Rep, he became focused on the struggles of affordable insurance for both small businesses and families, and went on to become chairman of the legislature’s Insurance Committee enacting legislation to protect the vulnerable and lower costs.

He currently serves as Chair of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee where he’s led the fight to create tax relief for working families, and worked with business and labor to negotiate legislation putting our State’s unemployment trust fund on the path to solvency for the first time in 50 years.

If you get the chance to have even a short chat with Sean, you’ll come away from it knowing that he truly cares, has the relevant experience, and will fight every day as Comptroller to find savings and efficiencies within the State budget to reduce the burden on taxpayers. We need Sean Scanlon as State Comptroller — I hope you’ll join me in supporting him.

— Cheri McKenzie

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