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I am writing in strong support of Ceci Maher for State Senate in the 26th District.

Ceci has the experience and leadership to keep us moving forward with the values that are important in our community such as investments in our infrastructure, including fixing neglected bridges to keep us safe and fixing roads to increase productivity.

Her work of 14 years as Executive Director at Person to Person helped those in need of food, clothing and housing. She is a champion for children focusing on education and summer programs.

Ceci is the former Interim Executive Director of Sandy Hook Promise, working to prevent gun violence across our communities. She’s earned the endorsement of CT Against Gun Violence and has been awarded the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.

I am a woman who deeply cares about our right to freedom of health choices and I am confident she will work to protect the right to abortion and access to contraception. I am proud that she is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and the National Association of Women.

As you can see Ceci lives her values and I know she will work hard to fight for our Connecticut values in Hartford.

Please join me in voting for Ceci Maher for State Senate on November 8th.

— Jody Kesten

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