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I am writing to endorse Stephanie Thomas for the CT Secretary of the State.

We are in a period of national political divisiveness, assaults on voting rights, proliferation of disinformation and denial of the legitimacy of democratic institutions and elections. Stephanie will address these challenges by bringing her important priorities of transparency, advocacy and integrity to this critical State office.

Stephanie has the leadership skills and the experience (including as a State Representative, the Vice Chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee and a member of the Commerce and Transportation Committees) to be a successful Secretary of the State.

She is committed to reaching out across the political spectrum, communicating with voters and businesses in a clear and effective manner, promoting greater civic engagement, soliciting local input with the goal of achieving workable solutions, utilizing data and technology in consumer — and business — friendly ways, and assisting towns in ensuring the fairness of, and accessibility of all voters to, elections.

Importantly, she is an advocate of early voting and no-excuse absentee voting, including, as a member of the General Assembly, being a co-sponsor of the legislation for the early voting referendum that is on the ballot this November.

Thomas Paine stated that “The right of voting for persons charged with the execution of the laws that govern society is inherent in the word liberty.” Ensuring the access of all voters to cast ballots is a critical element of representative democracy.

Please join me in voting for Stephanie Thomas for the CT Secretary of the State on November 8 — let’s ensure the continuation of transparency, advocacy and integrity, and the protection and expansion of voting rights, by electing Stephanie to this important State office.

— Denise Harvey

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