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Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance: As a 50+ year Weston resident, I would like to offer my comments on several items in the proposed ARPA plan. I feel that you have rushed to spending conclusions without fully investigating the issues.

New Projects:

#1 - Mental Health services: $100,000 –

I personally disagree with our Town of Weston having direct involvement treating mental health.

Our Social Services Director should be qualified to assist and direct with a telephone call to correct sources. If not, Weston should post on its website possible directions; such as calling your own Doctor or reaching out to a hospital.

#2 - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - $70,000 –

Sounds like more government spending and the start of future salaries – which will increase our Mill Rate in Weston. Weston and Westport have always been diverse in the arts, entertainment fields. Anyone reading the Weston Historical Society history - shows lesbians and gay artistic creative people living in our neighborhoods since the 1950’s – from Cobbs Mill Inn down to many activities in Westport.

Again, another government board created for unnecessary reasons except more government control, salaries, pensions, etc. Once a Board is created, who continues to pay the salaries? Let the parents teach their children responsibilities and respect.

#3 - EV Charging Stations: - $18,000 -

A privilege for wealthy electric car owners. Weston should provide this only for Town owned electric vehicles and not for public use. If the Town wants to fund EV charging stations, then I wish to apply for same privilege in supplying gas/diesel to all residents.

#4 - Pickleball Courts - $100,000 -

Our Senior Center has an indoor pickleball court that is very lightly used. Why on earth would we spend $100,000 on outdoor courts? Where is the data that suggests that there is a need for more pickleball courts. It is my understanding that Weston residents are welcome to use pickleball courts in neighboring towns, which I am told are also lightly used. This is an absurd waste of money.

#5 - Dog Park - $135,000 -

With 2 acre zoning, Weston residents have adequate space at home to exercise their dogs. Westport has a dog park that is very lightly used. Drive by it any time, as I have, and you will see very few, if any, cars parked there. In addition, if we are to create a dog park, it should be nearer the center of town. The is plenty of space at Bisceglie Park, even considering the wetlands there.

On the positive side...

#1 - Road Work - $575,000 -

Our roads are embarrassingly awful. We do not seem to be able to keep up with pothole repairs. This is an absolute must and perhaps should increased.

#2 - Tree Work - $120,000

Tree work is highly important as our trees have grown extremely tall over the past 40-50 years with no management or control for falling limbs in storms, creating power outages.

#3 - Transfer Station Composting Pilot Program - $10,000 -

An intelligent start for Weston and for new owners unfamiliar with our Weston system of wells, Another shout out to LaChat for their gardening advice, etc.

In conclusion, I am very disappointed in the list that has been prepared for spending the ARPA funds. Please look at the long term capital needs and readjust your list.

— Martha Diamant

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