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With the discussion surrounding a woman’s right to choose coming to the forefront, I would just like to remind everyone that, regardless of what the Supreme Court decision comes down to be, Connecticut has had codified protections for a woman’s right to choose for quite some time and there is no discussion in Hartford to change that.

That said, I am pro-choice and would legislate that way in Hartford. This discussion is one for a woman and her doctor.

When I get to Hartford my intention is to make Connecticut more affordable for everyone, more business friendly, and argue on behalf of municipalities to maintain their local control of zoning and schools. I want to make changes in Connecticut that impact our future not rehash long settled discussions of the past. There’s so much potential for our state, let’s tap into and make a better Connecticut.

— Alex Burns

Mr. Burns is a candidate for the 135th district of the Connecticut House of Representatives.

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