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“Let your conscience be your guide.” Possibly, almost every child in the US, and perhaps the world, has heard those words since they were first sung by a little cricket, named Jiminy, in a song called “Give a Little Whistle” in the 1940 Walt Disney adaptation of Pinocchio:

“Take the straight and narrow path
And if you start to slide
Give a little whistle!
Give a little whistle!
And always let your conscience be your guide”

Here in Weston, for decades, we’ve had our own Jiminy Cricket. Her name is Margaret Wirtenberg. We’ve seen her on channel 79, lately on Zoom. She’s attended almost every Board of Selectmen and Board of Education meeting, Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, and attended many other elected and appointed commission and committee meetings. We’ve read her words in Weston Today, Weston Forum, in an early column, “Eye on Hartford,” and she has served as past President of Weston’s League of Women Voters, and still sits on its steering committee.

What’s more, the modern governmental history of Weston, through this year, is available online, in perpetuity, on the website she started, aboutweston.com. If you want to know who did what, and what’s what, way back then, or now, aboutweston.com is the unbiased, accurate, totally truthful record of Weston – much of which she documented for posterity as leader of the local LWV “Observer Corps.” Simply put, she has been our collective conscience.

For over thirty years, Margaret Wirtenberg has served Weston as elected member of the Planning & Zoning Commission and a member of numerous town committees. Margaret is the keeper of facts, reporter of accurate information, a supporter of virtually every community organization, a Weston cheerleader, and an integral part of the League of Women Voters. Her contribution to Weston is of immeasurable consequence.

This week her last column appears in the March 24th issue of Weston Today. It can be read here. Shortly, Margaret will move to New Hampshire, where we hope Zoom and town recorded videos will keep her actively engaged as our town’s conscience.

I’ve just written how important Margaret is and has been to Weston, but I’d like to end on how important Margaret is to me. I believe everyone should have a little cricket sitting on one’s shoulder keeping her or him on the straight and narrow. For all my years in Weston, especially as I sat representing my fellow residents on our Planning & Zoning Commission, Margaret has been my Jiminy Cricket, perching on my shoulder, guiding me along the straight and narrow, ensuring my conscience is my guide.

Margaret, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

— Harry Falber

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