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Dear Selectmen, Ms. Nestor, Mr. Mohabeer, and Ms. Jenner:

As a property owner/resident since 1990, an active Kiwanis member and Veterans Affairs member, I do have comments on the dog park.

Observations: Last year the Kiwanis group distributed 340 welcome bags to 2020/21 new residents. I did my share and I met young families with kids and dogs.

I often bike the town area, often on School Road. I see numerous dog owners walking their dogs … walking, but not interacting with other dog owners.

Plus factors: Dog parks bring both locals and visitors together. While dogs wander, humans connect about local politics, restaurants, social events, etc.

I have experienced dog parks along the east coast. I connected with dog owners, learning about the area, restaurants, local town culture, etc., while observing dog owners control their dogs and poop. Peer pressure!

Dog owners are both conscientious and enforcers of the rules, based on my experience. I would welcome the dog park “in my back yard.”

Concern about “out of towners:” Dog owners who will travel to our “remote” location are both caring and conscientious!

Location: Having lived/owned in Weston since 1990, I want to use town owned property for its highest and best use. I know the Bisceglie property: drainage issues, limited field space for dogs. The best location for a dog park would be one of the ball fields. Good luck with that!!!

While I have a wonderful small dog, your decision on the dog park will not interfere with my dog enjoyment. But I think a "no dog park" decision will impact the community.

We need to provide our newcomers with unusual settings such as a dog park. Certainly Lachat is a great example of such an effort.

I wish your group a reflective decision providing our new and current town residents with engaging alternatives, which I think the dog park will provide.

— Ed Hutchins

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