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Like everybody else in Weston, and the surrounding semi rural towns, we want everybody to be as safe as possible, whatever the situation may be.

Since the emergence of Covid we’ve all noticed, and/or been a part of, running and walking on the streets of our town. This is to be encouraged of course but it seems to be getting increasingly dangerous and really, for no good reason.

For those that run, walk or cycle, the most obvious thing to do, at least in my mind, is wear very bright, preferably reflective, clothing. Increasingly people are dressed in black or other dark colors which is incredibly dangerous particularly when weather, as we’re currently experiencing, forces them into the roads.

Maybe this is old news as there’s been other articles about it, there surely must have been, but I see it multiple times during any journey in Weston these days, and I simply don’t understand why anybody would risk their life that way.

In some scenarios it’s worse of course, bright sunshine where we drive in and out of shadows is incredibly dangerous, also where the sun may be in one’s eyes. Also near sunset or even after the sun’s gone down people are out there in dark clothing, it’s utterly insane. I really hope that nobody’s been hurt thus far but it’s only a matter of time.

We all need to be respectful of each other, drivers to pedestrians, and certainly the other way around, it’s not even about courtesy, though that would be nice, it’s simply about our collective safety.

— Neil Spencer

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