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An open letter to the Weston Board of Selectmen:

Dear Sam, Martin and Amy,

After watching the Weston Dog Park discussion at the BoS meeting Thursday, January 20th 2022, I became concerned that the project I have supported both financially and with my time, for nearly SIX years, is under the threat of being cancelled due to reservations that some of you may have. The many in support, outweigh the few that are against.

You were trusted with doing what is right for the town, and it is your responsibility to listen to your constituents. Personal relationships, or feelings, have no place in your office, but the will of the people does.

Weston purchased the Moore Property for PRECISELY this kind of project. What better way to preserve the beautiful land, than to put a park on it. Leaving the logging lane lessens the impact on the environment, and placing a fence on the 3 acres, has a very minimal impact.

Other sites have been vetted and ruled unfit for varying reasons. Woody Bliss was able to make the purchase using $2.3 million tax dollars with very little push back from town hall, and within the space of six weeks. He openly admits to making a promise to the previous owner that nothing would be built on the land while he still lived, a promise he had no business making, one that was not approved by the Weston taxpayer, and one that was not entered into the deed.

Mr. Moore and his caretaker both wrote to the BoS to state that this deal was made. An ethics violation to be sure! The purchase prevented a developer from building multiple homes. I’m glad it was purchased, however, it’s time for action NOW. Six years is already five too many. Let’s get this park built on the Moore Property, as laid out in the plans presented January 20th, 2022.

Weston is a beautiful place to live and offers the bucolic scenery, that only the countryside can offer. However, that landscape has the cost of not knowing your community unless you’re involved in the schools or churches. Weston can be very isolating, forcing the community to drive to other towns, to meet like minded people.

First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor has been very positive and enthusiastic about this project. She truly believes that this is a positive amenity for the town. Selectman Martin has yet to state a commitment but Selectwoman Amy is very vocal about her opposition to the project. She is also friendly with Woody Bliss and one (or some) of those that oppose the dog park, hence my comment concerning personal relationships. My letter is not meant as a personal attack on any member. I hope that Selectpersons Amy and Martin listen to the will of the people and do their duty to push this project through.

Thank you for your tireless efforts as a Board, and as individuals. Working for town government is often an under appreciated and thankless job. Thank you for your time.

— Michelle Halpin

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