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THE ANSWER: VOTE ROW A and only Row A, on November 2nd, to ensure the ongoing successful Democratic stewardship of our Town. You elected the Democrats to lead four years, and then two years, ago. This is a time to vote for continuity in leadership, and for leadership that works in a proven collaborative and nonpartisan manner for all Westonites, and for bold, creative and fiscally responsible solutions.

Why? Weston is at an inflection point — many new families moving to Town, debt coming off the books, a re-zoning of Town Center for the first time in 50 years, resident-expressed desire for more amenities, a facilities optimization review of all the Town and School buildings, infrastructure investment needs, the local impact of the national conversation regarding race and social justice, and more — who is best to lead the Town at this moment and into the future?

What Has Been Accomplished? Our Democratic majority-led Boards and Commissions in Weston have guided the Town along a fiscally responsible and forward-looking path, steering the Town and schools through Covid, protecting the Town’s AAA bond rating, obtaining millions of dollars in new public grants, bringing the Fromson-Strassler sale to fruition, creating the new Village District (including sidewalks!), and delivering responsible budgets, to name a few.

Where Do We Go from Here? Our Town remains in the early stages of reimagining what we can be. We will need to follow through on developing Town Center, optimizing our Town and school facilities, promoting sustainability, protecting the environment, fostering a renewed sense of community, investing in infrastructure, and continuing to create a Weston that is attractive to the 21st Century needs of our citizens. We can’t afford to stall or reverse our momentum!

— Denise Harvey

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