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I have been a proud member of P&Z for over 15 years and am not up for re-election at this time. After reading the letter of Harry Falber dated October 27, 2021, I felt compelled to respond to it.

Mr. Falber speaks of party affiliation, politics and partisanship as influencing P&Z and the decisions it makes. To put it kindly, I take umbrage at that insinuation.

In the many years I have served on P&Z I have never seen, felt or heard the effect of such sway on our commission. There are no “party bosses.” No one is pulling P&Z’s strings. We are a group of conscientious neighbors drawn from diverse walks of life who volunteer our time and, I can say without hesitation, make decisions guided by what we believe is best for Weston and our neighbors, regardless of political opinion. We love our town, and, I always believed, serve it honorably and selflessly.

One would think in reading Mr. Falber’s letter that he did not vote in favor of The Town Plan of Conservation and Development, the Village District Regulations and the State mandated Affordable Housing Plan. But he did, the first two being a direct response to our neighbors’ concerns and requests for more opportunities for community interaction and services.

Mr. Falber also speaks of uses of Town land, i.e. an ice skating rink, the Jarvis Academy building for senior housing, a coffee shop in the Onion Barn, among others. All of such proposed uses, while they might be great ideas, are to take place on Town owned land.

As Mr. Falber is well aware, P&Z does not and cannot control or dictate the uses of Town land. It has no power to make such changes. The Town of Weston is not bound by P&Z regulations. Such uses are within the purview of the Board of Selectmen and the town populace, not P&Z. Such Town uses could not be the subject of a proposal by a P&Z member in the course of service on the commission. Mr. Falber’s inference that he could propose such changes as a P&Z member, if elected, is disingenuous, at best.

P&Z’s powers are dictated by State statute. Simply stated, it drafts, interprets, and enforces non-Town owned land use regulations in a fair and equitable manner, always with an eye towards what is best for Weston and its citizens, always in a nonpartisan manner.

We do not and will not advance any member’s personal agenda or advocacy as that falls without the realm of what is appropriate for consideration by P&Z. Town meetings and elections for other town positions are where such concerns belong.

— Jane Connolly

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