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I hope voters will join me in supporting Steve Ezzes for Board of Finance. As the Board’s unanimously elected Chairman for eight years, Steve has shepherded the Town through the fiscal challenges that come with growth and led a bi-partisan BOF to responsibly and creatively pursue solutions that respond to the needs — and voices — of all Westonites.

Under his leadership, we have been able to maintain excellence in education and town services with little, to no, increase in the mill rate; and, we have maintained an enviable AAA credit rating — all despite reduced state aid.

Our fiscal reserves are strong and Weston will soon retire almost all of its bond debt. As we face much needed investments in infrastructure, continued investment in our school system, and exciting new projects like the Sidewalk Project and the Village District, Weston needs the experience, expertise, and collaborative approach that Steve provides to set priorities and deliver on the needs of Weston families not only for today, but with an eye toward the future.

Steve truly has what it takes to move us forward — please vote to re-elect Steve Ezzes to the Board of Finance.

— Cheri McKenzie

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