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If you care about the future of Weston, you must elect the entire Democratic slate on November 2.

All of our Democratic candidates support a fiscally responsible vision to improve Weston’s quality of life. They support local control of education and local control of zoning. They rely on science to ensure the safety of our students, educators, staff, and entire community when making decisions about public health.

Weston Democratic leaders don’t just talk. They have a proven track record of getting things done. Consider the following, to name a few:

Their proactivity has led to millions of dollars in grants which have allowed the Town to repair our roads and bridges, enhance our public safety, and include three sidewalk initiatives that will connect the schools to the existing Town Center, the proposed Village District, the Library, St. Francis Church, and a proposed loop going from Lords Highway to Old Hyde Road and back to Norfield Road, all initiatives that will further strengthen our sense of community.

First Selectwoman Samantha Nestor, Selectman Martin Mohabeer, and former First Selectman Chris Spaulding have demonstrated a tremendous concern for the environment.

Most recently, First Selectwoman Nestor negotiated an arrangement with Eversource to prevent spraying of pesticides near power lines on public property. The BOS has also supported the use of solar energy to offset electric costs at our schools.

The Village District (marking the first time in 50 years that Weston's commercial zone has been increased) creates a palette for potential development to add amenities, more connectivity, and more diversity of housing stock without sacrificing our rural Weston charm.

Weston needs to continue to control what happens in Weston while also moving Weston forward! You can ensure both by Voting Row A All the Way. And remember to turn the ballot over!

— Barbara Groves

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