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My name is Anita Dinwoodie and I have been deeply involved at Lachat Town Farm in its programming and events efforts for the past 6 years. I currently serve as the farm’s Event Manager. In my capacity at Lachat, I have worked closely with many wonderful volunteers who are deeply passionate about enriching the lives of the members of our community. It is in that capacity that I have gotten to know Rone Baldwin and Harry Falber, two of our most dedicated and tireless volunteers. I would encourage all members of the community to consider supporting Rone in his bid for the Board of Finance and Harry in his bid for Planning and Zoning. I have every confidence that both gentlemen will bring the same passion for the well-being of our community to these roles, along with the responsive, thoughtful, and can-do that they do to the farm – and we will all be better for their election.

In brief, Rone Baldwin is one of the most devoted volunteers an organization could ask for. He brings a wealth of managerial and logistical experience to every Lachat event. Despite professional credentials at the highest levels of business, no job is too small for Rone. You will see him on Godfrey Road at 8 am on the morning of an event putting up signs, and at 9 pm the same day making sure every car exits Lachat property safety. This season alone he only missed a single event (to celebrate his daughter’s wedding) - but even then managed to come the day before to provide detailed training to volunteers on what needed to happen in his absence. He puts everything he has into every Lachat event to help ensure that they are successful and that they run smoothly. He never asks for any credit or seeks any glory. He is there simply because he cares.

Harry Falber has also volunteered alongside me for the better part of 5 years. He is the kind of person that I can call at 6 am on the day of an event for some last-minute assistance, and he’ll be there 30 minutes later ready to report for duty. I’ve never seen someone love this community more or put in so many hours in an effort to make it better. He has literally put in his blood, sweat and tears into the farm, solely for the joy he gets out of seeing families, and especially children, so happy. There is not a task at the farm that I haven’t seen Harry jump in to and he’s constantly thinking of innovative ways to get the community engaged. He loves Weston with all his heart, and I’ve been lucky these last many years that he has chosen to devote hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours to Lachat making it a better place.

I can honestly say that Lachat events would not be nearly as successful without these two men at the helm. They truly do devote themselves to service and making Weston a vibrant, happy community. Those are the kind of candidates I want to support.

— Anita Dinwoodie

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