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I write to enthusiastically endorse for reelection to Planning and Zoning Commission Harry Falber, petitioning candidate who is running unaffiliated with any party line or hierarchy. In an age of hyper politicization of issues, Harry stands firm for what makes Weston a great community while promoting improvements and amenities that enhance, not threaten to destroy, the rural tranquility and environmental health of our town. Make no mistake, P&Z is a key commission with regard to shaping the future of our Town. Pay attention to this election.

Harry supports reasonable development of the community with an emphasis on improvements that are within our reach in a reasonable time frame such as enhancing Bisceglie-Scribner Park to serve year round for our tweens and teens recreation and utilizing town owned Jarvis property for senior affordable housing. He cautions against traffic pile ups along Weston Road as an unintended consequence of overdevelopment on either side of the road. He treasures the iconic Onion Barn and historic Norfield Four Corners entrance to Weston which are characteristic of our New England heritage and threatened with destruction by poor planning. For more insight into Harry’s positions please visit his web site www.reelectharryfalber.com.

At the same time, Harry exhibits a special regard for your rights as a voter to know what town boards and commissions are doing often without your understanding or knowledge. Much needed transparency is lost especially when meetings are not well attended and minutes not robust and complete. As an independent minded watchdog over what elected officials are doing and saying, Harry often speaks to the issues that most affect us before we even know the problem ourselves.

For his foresight, independence, experience, personal values and expertise, I support Harry Falber for P&Z wholeheartedly. He has served exceptionally well on the Commission for the past four years and deserves reelection now.

— Nina Daniel

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