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Welcome to ‘Reckoning Season,’ when neighbors across every community exercise our civic right to vote for elected leadership of our towns and cities across CT.

It’s not the Superbowl of elections, but it is our super-important chance to impact our day-to-day quality of our family’s life, roads, schools, amenities, access to clean water, open space, and inject our voice into who governs our town’s shared future.

This upcoming municipal election on November 2nd is our chance to reckon with our elected leaders, our local government, and amplify our hope in our public servants to be accountable to Weston’s citizens and the continuum of needs of our multi-generational community, welcoming to our newest families, and support our long-time neighbors who have called Weston home for decades.

I have been going door-to-door with Samantha Nestor, your First Selectwoman, and Martin Mohabeer, your Selectman, and we have encountered so many delighted neighbors who have chosen to make Weston home for the same reasons as Sam and Martin have stepped up to serve as your town’s elected leaders: they love this town, they both share the energy and excitement in the community to move the Village District forward as a quaint, model village center with appealing amenities for engaging all ages, sidewalks to connect us safely and a robust participatory process for shaping the town’s plan.

They are experienced collaborators to get things done in a fiscally responsible process, they listen keenly and are accountable to the concerns of their constituents, and as parents of young children, they are invested in all our children’s education, safety and capacity to thrive.

Most of all, they are already doing the hard work of showing up, communicating with residents, meeting with the Boards and Commissions, celebrating and honoring so many people who have contributed and served and dedicated talents to the town, and meeting people where they are.

Tis the season to reckon with who you get to work with, to improve, enhance, shape the future, and participate in the governance of this beautiful town. I invite you to exercise your superpower and vote for this super slate: Sam Nestor, Martin Mohabeer, and the whole Row A of qualified, experienced, excellent public servants who have stepped up, taken responsibility to put in the work to ensure the thriving of this town.

I am so proud to be your elected State Representative collaborating with Weston leaders to recruit state and federal resources for Weston and get good policy passed to improve life in town, and I am proud to endorse Sam and Martin and the whole Row A on your ballot this November 2.

Anyone can vote by Absentee Ballot: request one, and check ‘COVID 19’ as reason for Absentee voting, and you can use the Dropbox outside Town Hall up until 8 pm November 2nd!

‘Reckoning Season’ is upon us, and I hope to see you at the polls for it!

— Anne Hughes

Representative Hughes represents Weston in the 135th House of Representatives district of the Connecticut General Assembly.

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