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November 2 is right around the corner and I just wanted to show you what I found in the candidate bios of @WestonCTdems because these values are so important to me. It is especially important (and easy!) to get to know who you are electing to serve as your representatives in our small town government.

Sometimes there is so much noise, so many dog whistles, and so much anger to cut through that it’s hard to find what matters. What matters to me is humanity, compassion, hard work, and dedication. As I was looking through all the information available on the candidates, both print and debates, I made a list of statements that most closely aligned with my values. This is why I’m choosing to vote Row A:

Women in leadership, voice for families and business professionals, build community, vibrant Weston, lead by listening, promote equity and inclusion to a growing multicultural community where all feel empowered, respected and motivated to actively engage in our town, stellar academic exposure but equally important the emotional and social skills to be stellar citizens of the world, upgrade and optimize our school and town facilities, social action committee, accomplished educator, inclusive school community, representative of the residents of this town, best interest of the Weston community, proven track record, integrity, teamwork, serve the community, fiscal responsibility, responsive leadership, collaboration, infrastructure investment, economic development, experience, passionate, best practices, community service.

I would be honored to have representation like this at our local level, pleased to point out the role models who have volunteered to do the work of government to my children and, grateful that the folks in Row A have my back while I go about my daily grind. See you in the gym at WMS on 11/2!

— Shara Kolodney

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