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I am writing to endorse my neighbor, Megan Loucas for her candidacy on our Planning & Zoning board. Megan is the right person at the right time in our small town.

I have known Megan since she moved in down the road from me around 2016. Megan is currently an alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), and is therefore current on existing issues and procedures. She is an architect, who speaks the language of the people presenting plans for approval.

Raised in Colorado and educated in California, her appreciation for the beautiful open space of Weston, and our town’s desire for conservation of nature is simply a personality characteristic for Megan, and not something that she has had to learn.

Megan is knowledgeable but practical; she understands nuance, but appreciates the need to move projects forward and ensure that residents and their neighbors are in homes that work for their owners and the town; and most importantly, she has the experience, know-how, and patience to get a job done.

Megan is just the type of non-political politician that Weston needs on all its boards: she has no desire to attract attention, but will never hide from discussing or explaining her position. She has principles and is honest, but she is never dogmatic.

She wants Weston to hold its traditions close, while embracing the future of architecture and planning. In short, her vision for Weston is just what we need in a time when politics is full of noise. I heartily endorse Megan for this position, and I hope to see every Westonite at the polls in November!

— Ruth Israely

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