Letter to the Editor


I am writing to support and endorse the candidate John Dembishack for the position of member of the Police Commission.

John is the penultimate Weston Volunteer and is significantly qualified to hold a seat on the Weston Police Commission. He brings a new generational outlook to a commission in need of some fresh insight.

John has himself been a first responder, Volunteer firefighter, and EMT for most of his 14 years of residency in Weston. His immersion into emergency services extends as far back to his college years.

John’s “civilian” career as a seasoned IT professional will bring much needed technology skills to both the Commission’s oversight role and to the operation of the Commission itself.

As an experienced Emergency services volunteer, John brings tremendous practical knowledge and experience to the role of Police Commission member.

Please join me in supporting John Dembishack by adding your endorsement and turning out to vote for John and the full Slate of Democratic Candidates on November 2. He is the right man for this difficult job.

— Larry Rehr

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