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My name is Aaron Falber and I writing to endorse my Father, Harry Falber for Planning and Zoning.

I grew up in Weston, joining Weston Middle School in 4th grade and graduating with the class of 2008. It was a fantastic place to grow up, with nice people, good friends, and fun local activities. As a Weston parent, his fatherly duties included many a night at the school auditorium watching Short Wharf musicals, driving me around Weston to see my friends on snow days, and picking me up late at night from sports games.

I left Weston in 2008, but my Dad has continued his involvement in the town, working to make Weston a better and more equitable place for all. However he doesn’t just serve on Planning and Zoning. In his free time he contributes countless hours at LaChat Town Farm, setting up community events for families, parking cars at events, and even mowing the fields when needed. If that wasn’t enough, he volunteers time at the Weston League of Women Voters, assisting them on any initiative where he can lend expertise.

Needless to say, he knows Weston. But more than that, he loves Weston. Whether he’s serving on Planning and Zoning or working to organize the LaChat Halloween Forest, he’s working passionately to make Weston better for all. His kids may have left long ago, but his enthusiasm and love for the town have never faltered.

This is exactly the type of person you want representing you. Someone who cares deeply about Weston and knows it inside and out. Someone who loves Weston and appreciates everything our town can offer older residents and new families alike. Please consider voting for Harry Falber for Weston Planning and Zoning.

— Aaron Falber

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