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Four and a half years ago, I was invited to an event at the home of someone I did not know named Samantha Nestor. Four and a half years ago, I could not anticipate the intelligent and compassionate person I was about to meet.

Sam blew me away with her bravery in jumping into the political process with no hesitation, only a desire to help make things better. She inspired the invited group to work to better not just the Town of Weston but, the country as a whole. And most importantly, she articulated clear and honorable goals to which we should aspire.

Since that time, the evolution of Samantha Nestor into the amazing First Selectwoman that she is has been a joy to watch. From her first foray into campaigning for the Board of Ed speaking about the need to teach our children to be caring global citizens to stepping in as Second Selectwoman after the untimely loss of Brian Gordon, she has made all of the citizens of Weston her priority. Now as First Selectwoman, she is showing all of us what she can do in the top job.

With First Selectman Spaulding’s need to resign before his term was up, Samantha was called upon to take charge months earlier than anyone could have expected. She has more than delivered on that responsibility.

From the first moment that she started in the role of First Selectwoman, she has been open, communicative, respectful, and compassionate. She has given us timely information from roads to COVID; she has worked hard to develop a cohesive relationship with all of the folks at Town Hall; she has worked with the Board of Finance and the other Boards and Commissions to make sure that decisions are made that are fiscally prudent while still keeping Weston at the top of its game.

Most importantly, she has worked as an inspirational leader to make Weston shine in old and new ways in the years ahead.

I am so excited to support Samantha Nestor for First Selectwoman and I urge all of my fellow Westonites to vote for Sam. We could not ask for a better person to be our First Selectwoman than Samantha Nestor.

— Amy Shapiro

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