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I spoke with a member of Weston EMS today and was horrified to learn there have been 5 motor vehicle fatalities in town since the pandemic began.

I don’t believe you have covered these deaths, and traffic safety in general, but hope you will pay more attention in the future.

A bigger issue: despite having about a dozen full time police officers, traffic enforcement is virtually invisible in this town.

Given the increased safety of modern cars, a fatal crash today usually means the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. Better enforcement would save lives.

I suggest:

1) Have patrol cars visibly clocking and ticketing speeders on a daily basis on the through roads where speeding is the biggest problem.

2) Reassign police away from traffic direction at utility construction sites, where contractors can do the job.

3) Release statistics to the media on a weekly basis, including accidents and tickets written, and compare against previous periods to track if progress is being made.

4) Be more aggressive about prosecuting the most reckless and repeat offenders to get them off the road.

Continuing to ignore this problem is a recipe for continued tragedy.

— Peter Blau

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